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Bridgerton Season 3 Penelope and Colin
Bridgerton Season 3 Penelope and Colin
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So, Do Penelope & Colin Get Married In ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Part 2?

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We may be counting the days until Part 2 of Bridgerton’s third season drops, but we can all agree on one thing: we’re still not over Part 1. If you’re like us, you’ve probably dedicated the weekend to watching Bridgerton Season 3 in one sitting and still aren’t over that steamy carriage scene (IYKYK). As we wait for Part 2  of Bridgerton Season 3 to  drop on June 13, we’re already anticipating an answer to one of the biggest questions this season: Will Penelope and Colin get married?

To be fair, we know that the books definitely answer this question, but the Netflix adaptation is known for  taking different creative liberties and turning them into more impactful storytelling. While Season 3 so far has stayed true to the novel it’s inspired by, you can never be too sure in Lady Whistledown’s world. Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 & Romancing Mister Bridgerton follow. 

Let’s catch up on Part 1. 

When Season 3 begins, we find ourselves back in the world of the Bridgertons. Colin has returned from his tour of the Continent and is now seen as a suitable bachelor for the women around town. Despite being friends before, Penelope avoids seeing Colin after she overheard him making fun of her for being a “spinster,” and saying that he would never court her before his travels. She sees him once again and yes, it’s clear that the feelings are still very much there. It’s also important to note that Penelope’s family, the Featheringtons, are seemingly wealthier now thanks to an inheritance, and are presenting themselves as more favorable and appealing to the Bridgerton family. 

Part 1 starts with Colin trying to figure out what’s  going on with Penelope until she reveals to him that she overheard him talk about how he would court someone like her. Colin apologizes to her and calls  Penelope a “very good friend” regardless of the situation. Colin offers to help Penelope find a husband, making us feel incredibly awkward for Penelope as they begin this new journey together. 

The lessons Colin gives Penelope helps open his eyes to her, and he realizes that he may have romantic feelings for her. The series expands more on their relationship with Colin giving Penelope her first kiss, and him having dreams about Penelope that show them being more than just friends. 

In the middle of the series, Penelope begins to get acquainted with Lord Debling, an eligible bachelor who often leaves for long periods of time. Lord Debling asks Penelope’s mother for her blessing to propose to Penelope. However, Lord Debling eventually realizes that Penelope is in love with Colin, and after he ended their courtship, Penelope attempts to leave in a carriage but is chased after by Colin. It’s here that Colin enters the carriage and proclaims his growing feelings for Penelope. After an intimate carriage ride that left all of us breathless, Colin proposes to Penelope before the credits roll, marking the end of Part 1. 

Do Penelope and Colin get married in Part 2?

After their heated moment in the carriage, Penelope and Colin announce their engagement to the Bridgerton family, who react happily to the news in their house. Of course, Eloise isn’t too thrilled by this and confronts Penelope while giving her an ultimatum: to either tell Colin the truth about Pen being Lady Whistledown or she will.

Though Eloise gives Penelope until midnight to tell Colin, the plan is soiled due to Cressida Cowper announcing she’s the anonymous gossip columnist. This reveal takes everyone by surprise, especially Eloise, who feels betrayed by Cressida.

Not wanting Cressida to take the credit for something she created, Penelope decides to print another column discrediting Cressida. Under a hooded cloak, Penelope takes a carriage ride to her printer to submit the latest publication of Lady Whistledown.

However, Colin follows her and discovers her secret. Of course, this reveal breaks Colin’s heart but being the gentleman he is, he refuses to call off their wedding.

The two go through the motions of wedding planning, but everyone around them can tell something is off. Colin and Penelope get married at the end of Episode 7, but their reception gets interrupted by the queen who’s convinced Lady Whistledown is a member of the Bridgerton family.

Although Anthony assures the queen that no one in the family is Lady Whistledown, several members of the Bridgerton family know the truth. Colin leaves the room and Penelope follows. Once they are alone, Colin asks Penelope if she’s finally going to stop writing, which she refuses to do saying that being Lady Whistledown has given her a voice she’s never had before.

Unhappy with her answer, Colin decides to start their marriage off by not speaking to Pen and sleeping on the couch in another room.

Fast forward to episode 8, aka the finale, Penelope finally comes clean about her Lady Whistledown identity to the queen and the ton. She then asks if she can continue writing, promising to “aim my quill more responsibly,” which the queen accepts.

Penelope then tells Colin she understands if he wants an annulment, which he quickly rejects before admitting that he had not been acting in the right manner. He says that he loves Penelope and wants to “soak up even a little bit” of her light. Swoon.

The episode ends with Penelope and Colin holding their newborn son, Lord Featherington, as her voice can be heard delivering the final line: “Hopefully dear reader, you will stay on to enjoy them with me, as we begin this next part of our journey. Yours truly, Penelope Bridgerton.”

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