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40 Sex-Positive Stocking Stuffers To Buy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, bestie! Now, it’s time to cozy up in your favorite sweater, grab your laptop, and get on the hunt for some holiday shopping. And even though Black Friday has ended, these next few weeks are full of great sales and amazing deals to make your holiday shopping list just a little bit easier. (Just don’t let me look at my credit card statement — ignorance is bliss.)

However, with Santa Claus coming to town, I know that I’ve been up late wondering about my position on the whole “naughty or nice” list. Given that I write about the sexier things in life for a living, I’d say that my name is leaning more toward “naughty” than “nice”. But I’m not worried about that — I’ve decided to spread my naughty energy to spice up the holidays for my besties and partner. Santa Claus, who?

Whether you’re cuffed or staying solo this holiday season, it’s always important to give the gift of pleasure. And what better way to spread the love (wink) than including a few naughty stocking stuffers in your holiday shopping? These ‘lil gifts are perfect to give to your sex-positive besties, your partner, or even just to keep for yourself. Additionally, you can buy one of these babies to use for your next White Elephant Holiday party — you’re welcome, BTW.

Jouissance Club Necklace

As a jewelry girl, I can wait to layer this cheeky necklace (Biird, $16) with my everyday pieces.

“You’re Perfect” Shoulder Tote
Urban General Store

Who doesn’t love a boobie tote (Urban General Store, $30)?


For your sex-positive bestie (group chat, if you’re reading this…), this LookHUMAN mug (LookHUMAN, $19) is so cute and so cheeky. I’m obsessed.

Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

This rabbit vibe (Amazon, $15) is two toys for the price of one. Plus, it’s super cute.

One user wrote that this “little toy goes a long way”, and I believe them!

Namii Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Give the gift of pleasure with this clitoral stimulator (Biird, $109). Your bestie, partner, or future self will thank you.

“I’m Worthy of Pleasure” Tote

This tote (Bonfire, $27) is perfect for your cheeky friend. Bonus points: purchase proceeds go to the Masakhane Center, which provides sex-ed programming in and around Newark, NJ.

“I’m Worthy Of Pleasure” Mug

If shirts aren’t your thing, maybe mugs (Bonfire, $19) are.

Bomb Balm Arousal Balm™

Give the gift of this arousal balm (Lovability, $24) to your besties, partner(s), or yourself. It’s always a winner.

“Every Body Deserves Pleasure” Tee Shirt

Buying this tee (Bonfire, $27) for myself ASAP.

the staycation® kit

the staycation® kit (maude, $15) comes with an organic lubricant and five latex condoms. One user wrote, “These condoms are by far the best my boyfriend and I have used!”. Definitely gonna try these out.

Behind Closed Doors 4 Kinky Sex Dice Game

These sex dice (Lovehoney, $7) are the perfect gift for not only your partner, but for you as well.

Sex Stuff Personal Lubricant
Love Wellness

This lube (Love Wellness, $6) is perfect for travel. Plus, a user said that this lube feels “sooooo natural.” Count me in.

Sex Positive: Redefining Our Attitudes to Love & Sex By Dr. Kelly Neff

This book (Amazon, $19) was made for your sex-positive bestie.

Fuzzy Handcuffs

In 2022, these handcuffs (Amazon, $14) are an essential in the bedroom. Plus, they’re a great gift.

“Position Of The Day” Playbook
Urban Outfitters

This book (Urban Outfitters, $13) is perfect for your cheeky friends out there.

Dame Arousal Oil

Arousal oil (Babeland, $38) is like a vibrator in a bottle.

Satisfyer One Night Stand Air Pulse Simulator
Pink CHerry

Disposal vibrators make for the perfect stocking stuffer, and this clitoral stimulator (Pink Cherry, $8) is probably the best gift ever. A user even wrote, “I LOVE this product so much that I bought 6 more.”

Cliit Socks

These clitoris socks (Biird, $10) are perfect for a White Elephant gift. Or like, to wear every day.

Sustain Condoms
Grove Collaborative

Put the health center condoms down, bestie! These condoms (Grove Collaborative, $12) are natural and vagina-safe, which you probably didn’t even know was a thing.

ThreePlay® Massage Candle

This candle (Lovability, $14) keeps the bedroom spicy… and smelling fresh.

BJ Blast
Pink Cherry

This bad girl BJ Blast (Pink Cherry, $3) takes blow jobs to the next level. Trust me.

“Sex Toys Are Better Than Boys” Shirt

What the shirt (Etsy, $27) said.

Posh Silicone Finger Swirls
Pink Cherry

These finger toys (Pink Cherry, $10) are the perfect stocking stuffer. Plus, they’re super cute.

“Ring For Sex” Keychain Bell

I definitely need this bell (Francesca’s, $4) for myself.

Moregasm Mist™

This aromatic aphrodisiac (Lovability, $12) sets the mood with just a spritz. BRB, straying this everywhere.

Smile Makers Vibrator

This personal massager (Francesca’s, $17) is the perfect gift for your sex-positive bestie — and grab one for yourself, too.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

I love that this necklace (Ulta, $69) doubles as a sex toy. “Perfect for travel,” one user wrote. “Very powerful vibrations with 4 different settings!”

Flavored Dental Dams
Undercover Condoms

These dental dams (Undercover Condoms, $12) come in super cute packaging and spearmint, grape, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

Lovability Condoms

I’m obsessed with these condoms (Lovability, $9): not only are they natural, but they come in the cutest little tin, so you can carry your protection in style.

Foami Toy Cleaner
Sweet Vibes

This is your reminder to clean your sex toys. The Foami toy cleaner (Sweet Vibes, $12) makes for a fantastic stocking stuffer and a bedside drawer essential.

Vibrating C-Ring

This C-ring (Lovehoney, $10) is perfect to use with a partner, so it’s definitely a great choice for a stocking stuffer.

Go F*k Card Game

This cheeky card game (Lovers, $7) makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. One user wrote, “We played round after round and tried out new positions we had no idea about”. That’s enough to make me add this to my cart, TBH.

Evii Vibrator

This vibe (Biird, $79) is the sex toy of my dreams. You, your bestie, or your partner are sure to love it just as much as I do.

Biird Necklace

If you, or your bestie, are a fan of the Evii vibrator (above, BTW), get this necklace (Biird, $15) as a cheeky nod to the life-changing vibrator.

Clitoris Earrings

These clitoris earrings (Biird, $15) are so dainty and chic, but it’s still not an excuse for your hookup’s inability to find it. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Lesbian Sex! Card Game

To my LGBTQ+ babes, this card game (Lovers, $6) was made for your pleasure.

“Pillow Princess” Shirt

I think about this shirt (Etsy, $20) daily.

Girl Power Socks

On your feet, these socks (Trouva, $20) look normal. It’s the packaging that makes things real cheeky.

Naughty Scratch-Off Game

These scratch-offs (Amazon, $11) are the only lottery tickets I want in my stocking this year.

Vulva Necklace

Wear your feminine power around your neck with this vulva necklace (Etsy, $33). Bonus points if you get your bestie one to match.

julianna is an associate editor at her campus where she mainly covers sex and relationships, wellness, mental health, astrology, and all things gen-z. during her undergraduate career at chapman university, julianna's work appeared in as if magazine and taylor magazine. additionally, her work as a screenwriter has been recognized and awarded at film festivals worldwide. when she's not writing burning hot takes and spilling way too much about her personal life online, you can find julianna anywhere books, beers, and bands are.