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Yes, You Can *Still* Have Amazing Sex In A Twin Bed With These Positions

The holiday season means lots of heading back to your childhood bedroom, which probably still has the same twin bed and silly sheets from your middle school years. While it’s not always the definition of sex appeal or maturity, there are still plenty of sex positions for a twin bed — you just might need to get a little creative, that’s all. 

If you are thinking about a hometown hookup this holiday season, you need to know all the best ways to make it work without a big bed. Whether you’re connecting with an ex when you’re back home, or finally bagged your high school crush on Thanksgiving Eve, finding the best positions for a cramped space makes all of the difference for a hot, hometown hookup. So, no matter whose childhood bedroom you’re sneaking into, remember that the right positions can mean the difference between a hometown mistake, and an unforgettable fling.

You can even spice things up with some lingerie, adding in your favorite vibe, or try out some basic bondage — it’s all possible, even in a twin bed! Without further ado, head back into your bedroom, and have fun trying your best to keep quiet, with these sex positions for a twin-sized bed. (Warning: it will be a challenge!)


IMHO, this is the most slept-on position, and it saves a lot of space when on a twin bed. Lay on your back with your knees to your chest and legs spread wide. Then,  have your partner kneel in between your legs, penetrating you in a push-up-like position. This offers some deep penetration without needing a queen-sized mattress. 

The Side Chick

You can still get all up close and personal on a smaller bed, and this is the perfect position to do that. Lay on your side facing your partner, drape your leg over their hip, and have them penetrate you. 

Bent Over 

A classic for a reason — you can use the bed without being on it. Stand facing the bed with your hands or elbows supporting your body, and have your partner penetrate you from behind while holding your waist. 


Another way to get you extra comfortable with your partner, this position can easily transition from pleasure to cuddling. Lay on your side with your back against your partner’s chest, allowing them to penetrate you from behind. 


This is obviously the perfect twin bed position that makes sure both partners are pleasured without needing tons of space. The way to make it work best on a twin bed is to get on your hands and knees as close to your pillow and headboard as possible, then have your partner penetrate you from behind while kneeling. 


If you are looking to maximize pleasure, with minimizing the amount of space needed, getting on top is the perfect move. Have your partner sit with their back against the headboard, and straddle them with your knees open wide at their hips. If you need a little extra support, brace yourself by grabbing onto the headboard. 


Seated positions are life savers when getting down and dirty on a twin bed. Have your partner sit in the middle of the bed, and then straddle them, wrapping your legs around their hips so they penetrate you from underneath. This position promises closeness and deep penetration. 


With this position, both partners feel good without falling off the bed. Have your partner lay on their back, then lay on top of them facing the opposite direction so that you each have access to each other’s most sensitive part, and then have fun doing all the things you know your partner will like. 

Have a fun trip home this holiday season, and I hope you find someone to cozy up with (in all the best ways). 

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