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These Thanksgiving Eve Sex Positions Are Perfect For A Hometown Hookup

Picture this: You’re back at your hometown bar on Thanksgiving Eve (if you’re 21+, OFC) looking better than ever, and suddenly catch the eye of your high school crush from across the way. After some time, the two of you start chatting — and it doesn’t take long for tensions to rise and things to heat up. Before you know it, you’ve got a hometown hookup on your hands. And whether it’s a one-night stand or a fall break sneaky link, when it comes to hooking up, you’re going to need some sex positions that are easy, pleasurable, and perfect for a backseat, a bathroom, or a twin bed.

Quickie sex positions are, IMHO, some of the best things to know when it comes to your hookup toolkit. When you’re back in your hometown, your options for getting hot and heavy are limited — and so is your time. For that reason, it’s best to go into a hometown romp with a plan in mind, even if that plan is simply cleaning the backseat of your car, or devising a plan to sneak your hookup into your childhood bedroom. Once you’ve figured that out, then it’s time for all of the fun to begin. And what’s more fun than really, really hot sex… right?

Backseat Cowgirl

This one is a classic for a reason. If you have a backseat available — and are parked in an isolated location — then you’re set for this position already. All you need to do is have your partner sit in the back seat, and have them penetrate you from underneath as you straddle them. Whether you’re bouncing up and down for a more energetic hookup, or slowly grinding for a more intimate vibe, this position feels so good.


Whether you’re in a backseat or a twin bed, this position is a great go-to. Have your partner lie down underneath you and pleasure you orally as you do the same on top (or vice-versa), aligning yourselves so you’re facing each other’s genitals. This is an awesome option for foreplay, a break between positions, or to do all night long.


OK, when I said these positions were “easy,” I never said they were creative. Plus, doggy is the position for a quick, pleasurable hookup. If you’re in a bed, simply position yourself on all fours and have your partner penetrate you from behind.

However, if you’re in a car, this is how you can spice things up (without getting injured): After finding an incognito location, climb into the passenger seat and recline it slightly, while also moving the seat to provide ample leg room. From there, lay on your stomach with your knees on the seat and have your partner penetrate you from the back. Pro tip: You can wrap your arms around the seat for extra stability.

The Lap Dance

Feeling freaky? This one is for you — and it’s perfect for the car. With your partner sitting in the back seat, sit on their lap facing away from them. From there, grind for a little before having your partner penetrate you from underneath — it’s like reverse cowgirl with a little extra fun.

The Pretzel

Finally, The Pretzel is one of the best positions for a spontaneous Thanksgiving Eve hookup. In this position, lay on your side and have your partner, kneeling, position themselves between your legs, with your top leg hooking around their torso. From here, your partner can penetrate you, or grind, for a super hot, super pleasurable romp.

While Thanksgiving Eve can be a crazy night that leads to some pretty wild stories, it’s still important to be responsible — especially when it comes to hooking up. Make sure that you and your partner are able to consent and have a quick discussion about protection, even if it’s as simple as using that condom you packed in your bag before heading out. Stay ready, besties.

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