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ICYMI, Recess’ Newest Canned Bevvy Is The Drink Of The Summer

After a long day of work, there’s nothing I like more than ordering takeout, turning on Netflix’s newest reality dating show, and unwinding with a nice, cold beverage — and I’m not talking about beer (well, in this case). On April 16, Recess released their newest canned bevvy, the Tropical Bliss Mood, which was created to help you reset, relax, and unwind… no alcohol needed.

If you’re unfamiliar with Recess, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite drink. Founded in 2018, Recess is a drink brand that focuses on combining aspects of wellness with delicious, zero-proof canned beverages. The original beverage line contained hemp-infused sparkling waters in various flavors, but Recess has since expanded to include non-alcoholic canned beverages (Recess Zero Proof), Recess Mood Powders, and Recess Mood Beverages. Who needs a cocktail when you have Recess, right?

The newest Recess Mood launch is the Tropical Bliss Mood ($45), which not only includes hints of pineapple, passionfruit, and mango, but also has lemon balm, l-theanine, and magnesium l‑threonate which help to ease and uplift your mood. It sounds great in theory, but how is it actually? Well, I tried it, and I have some thoughts.

Now, I’m a Sleepy Girl Mocktail truther (as well as an anxiety-ridden overthinker), so any beverage that claims to help me destress and sleep throughout the night is an instant obsession. After my post-work run, I cracked open a Tropical Bliss Mood to drink with my dinner. My adrenaline was already super high, and the pre-workout I took before my run had me feeling jittery on the comedown. However, after a meal and a Tropical Bliss Mood, I instantly felt at ease and ready to wind down for the night.

I also wanted to see how Recess could make me feel in a more social setting, especially one where people were drinking alcohol. So, before going out with friends, I stuck with my can of Recess instead of indulging in a Pineapple High Noon. The drink made me feel super relaxed (which alcohol does not do for me), but still gave me the social buzz that I typically feel when I drink. The next morning? I woke up feeling great… and hangover-free.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Tropical Bliss Mood tastes good. Like, really good. Pineapple High Noon, who?

In celebration of the launch, Recess Mood products will be 30% off on Amazon for the week of April 16. So, if you’re looking for a new bevvy to sip on after work, or before going out, consider cracking open an ice-cold Recess Tropical Bliss Mood.

julianna (she/her) is an associate editor at her campus where she oversees the wellness vertical and all things sex and relationships, wellness, mental health, astrology, and gen-z. during her undergraduate career at chapman university, julianna's work appeared in as if magazine and taylor magazine. additionally, her work as a screenwriter has been recognized and awarded at film festivals worldwide. when she's not writing burning hot takes and spilling way too much about her personal life online, you can find julianna anywhere books, beers, and bands are.