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As we settle into 2024, many of our resolutions might include the challenge of cutting our alcohol intake. Dry January, a month-long break from alcohol, kickstarts healthy habits in the new year — but while the health benefits and the opportunity for a fresh start are appealing, the cocktail girlies might be longing for a tasty bevvy at the end of the day. Enter canned mocktails: the perfect solution for those seeking a satisfying and refreshing alternative during Dry January

Some easy drinks can offer that same fulfillment as a cocktail night — a delightful array of flavors without the alcohol provides a way to indulge in a beverage that’s both tasteful and trendy. Not to mention, a canned mocktail is a great way to combat the FOMO that comes with Dry January, especially if your friends aren’t doing the challenge with you. Having some kind of drink in your hand at a social function is a must, IMHO, and most people aren’t even able to tell the difference between a mocktail and a cocktail, or a canned, fruity, non-alcoholic beverage and a pre-mixed canned cocktail. Trust me.

So, in honor of Dry January, I’m here to highlight some of the best canned mocktails available to make your sober month (or sober life) journey more enjoyable, and free of FOMO. From tropical-inspired concoctions to classic favorites, these mocktails are designed to keep you sippin’ and smiling throughout the month.

Mixoloshe ($35)

These “boozy without booze” refreshers are tasty and made with all-natural ingredients. Plus, the Mixoloshe cans are just so cute.

Mockly Mocktails ($19)

With flavors that feature ingredients like basil and lemongrass or blueberry, rose, and mint, these drinks are great for a bubbly treat. I’ll take ten.

Mingle Mocktails ($19)

Not too sweet, but packed with flavor, Mingle’s mocktails taste like ordering a fun spritz at a cocktail bar.

MOcktails Uniquely Crafted ($40)

Sourcing the perfect botanical combination to come up with creative and complex recipes, this brand has a huge selection of tantalizing flavors.


DRY Botanical Bubbly ($29)

With nine flavors ranging from cucumber to vanilla to cherry, DRY has an option for everyone! (And they’re all super yummy.)

Olipop ($36)

Olipop is a line of canned sodas that have dozens of amazing flavors to support gut health. The best part? you can pour it into a glass, add a garnish, and nobody will be able to tell you’re sipping on a yummy mocktail.

Kin Euphorics ($52)

Known for its blend of relaxing adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals, these kombucha-meets-wine-spritzers are great replacements for your weekend evening cocktail. Plus, Bella Hadid is a co-founder!

Recess ($30)

Inspired by popular boozy beverages, like the Lime “Margarita,” and the Watermelon “Mojito,” these hemp and adaptogen-infused bubblies are perfect for a chill night with friends.

As we sip our way through Dry January, these mocktails prove that you don’t need alcohol to elevate the experience. With a blend of everyday ingredients and innovative recipes, they are a reminder that abstaining from alcohol doesn’t mean compromising on taste or pleasure.

So let’s toast to a new year and a Dry January filled with flavor, fun, and a newfound appreciation for the world of alcohol-free alternatives. Cheers to embracing the joy of mocktail moments!

Sonia Michelle Yetming is a Her Campus National Writer at the University of Tampa, where she primarily covers subjects like mental and physical health, sex & relationships, astrology, and wellness. As a UTampa transfer, Sonia is continuing her studies in Criminology and Film & Media Arts and will graduate in the year 2025. Her curiosity in Criminology demonstrates her academic activity, while her artistic and creative skills are practiced in film acting, production, and editing. When she is not pursuing academic and career opportunities, Sonia’s free time is mostly at home watching a movie, or at coffee shops with friends!