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Lose the Freshman 15: Stay fit during your summer internship

Hello Collegiettes! I know a lot of you will be starting an internship this summer or graduating and getting a full time job!  Last summer I worked full time as an intern at Nike World Headquarters, so being in an environment that thrives on fitness and sport was easy to find.  However, with a lot of meetings, and a long schedule, it at first took me by surprise how little extra time I had.  To make sure my fitness didn’t go by the wayside, I had to make a decision to work out at least 4 times during the work week.  Getting up at 5am every morning and doing a 25 minute HIIT workout worked really well for me.  It was short, intense, and by 5:30am I was energized and done with working out for the day.  Also, I would go running with another intern a few times per week around the campus, and now we are good friends (miss this Harli!).  We were spoiled with beautiful running trails around the Nike World Headquarters, but hey, city blocks work, too!  

Here are a few more tips for staying fit during a new work or internship schedule:

  • Commit to working out 4 times per week and schedule them in 
  • Get it done in the morning!
  • Try HIIT workouts – Tabata & Sprints
  • Work out during your lunch hour 
  • Walk or bike to and from work
  • Stand instead of sit at your desk if possible!
  • Pack healthy snacks: nonfat greek yogurt, raw nuts, fruit, cut up veggies, etc.
  • Find a running or walking buddy
  • Do shorter, intense workouts that use multiple muscle groups at the same time
  • Split up your workout into short 10- minute burts if you need

These tips really helped me get in my workouts during my internship, and I will be continuing on with them once I graduate (in a few weeks!!!)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!