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Lose the Freshman 15: Sleeping At Work? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Hello collegiettes! So sad I only have 2 posts left before the end of the program. This also marks the end of my first full week back at my job in New York City, which has taught me a few things. I now consider myself much more Subway-savvy, I know that the best places to get coffee are off the beaten path because only tourists go to Starbucks, and that if I were to imagine heaven I’m pretty sure it would look like the inside of Gourmet Garage on Broome St.

Besides things about the city itself, it’s been an adjustment getting used to the office life again. Work lasts 8 hours a day, and while that is obviously doable, I think everyone feels the struggles of an oncoming wave of sleep wanting to wash over them. Here is a list of things I personally do to keep my energy up during the work day, and let me know if they work for any of you!

My morning kick-starter: Whether it’s Zico Coconut Water, hot / iced tea, or a classic cup of coffee, it’s important to start your day with something refreshing (and hopefully low-calorie) to fully awaken your senses and keep you alert.

Stay hydrated: Am I the only one who feels like an old, dying man if I’m not fully hydrated? Doubt it. The benefits of water are endless, so keep a water bottle on your desk at all times. BONUS: taking a walk to the water cooler allows you a few minutes to stretch and keep your blood circulation flowing.

Pump up the tunes: obviously not obnoxiously loud, but there’s a reason there’s a saying ‘whistle while you work.’ Listening to your favorite music makes you happy and relaxed; therefore you’re more likely to keep up positivity in whatever task you’re working on.

Eye energy: eyes starting to glaze over from staring at a computer screen for hours? Give them a break and temporarily switch screens – read the newspaper or a book on hand for a few minutes.

Snacks: When I pack my lunch, I always make sure it contains several healthy snacks like fruit. Eating an apple or banana every 3 hours will not only keep your energy up, but it will keep you full and then you’re less likely to overeat later.

Co-workers: Or more importantly, the other interns in the office. Go ahead and annoy them in your spare time, they love it. (Note: if they’re normal and not mean, unlike the dudes I work with, do not do this).

As always, don’t forget to keep up with the Drop10 Diet, Dietbet Round 2, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Until next time, bye guys!

With love,

Nicole E



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