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Lose the Freshman 15: Should You Start A Fitness Blog?

Hello collegiettes! I’ve been in a bit of a reflecting mood lately; partially because I’ve started to feel sad that this “Lose the Freshman 15” program is coming to an end, and partially because I don’t start my summer job until Monday so I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls dvds in bed for most of this week. Anyway, I thought about how much I enjoyed blogging for Her Campus, and how my fellow bloggers and I have reached out to you collegiettes and hopefully inspired you guys to lead a healthy lifestyle. Then I came to this thought – For those of you collegiettes who have watched our journey to lose weight, and have followed suit with your own diet and exercise plan, would you consider starting a fitness/health blog?

In short, my opinion is YES, you definitely should.

There are a few cons I should acknowledge when it comes to starting your own blog, whether it is in relation to fitness or not. You might not have the time to dedicate to it if you’re busy studying, working long hours at your job, having a social life, and somehow managing to fit sleep into that. You also might be afraid of the accountability; if I’m running a fitness blog, what are my readers going to think when they see how many margaritas I had at happy hour yesterday (evidence via Instagram)? Another con is, quite simply, you don’t believe you have the skills and just can’t do it.

However, the pros to starting your blog far outweigh the cons. The biggest one I can think of is it is the easiest way to initiate self-improvement: you will improve your physical health, and as for skills you’ll learn the essentials of design, blogging formats, social media, and PR because you’ll be promoting your posts regularly. You will also gain useful contacts because you’ll be networking with other bloggers, and the experience could only help in the job search when companies nowadays are seeking people to help promote themselves on social media.

All in all, blogging is not that time consuming (1-2 hours spent writing each post- you choose how often to update), you get to express yourself creatively, form connections with others, and lastly, gain confidence in yourself. This “Lose the Freshman 15” program has been an awesome experience so far, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity. Don’t forget to keep following the Drop10 Diet, register for Dietbet Round 2, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Until next time, bye guys!

With love,

Nicole E

student at the University of Michigan, native New Yorker and downtown nyc / pop culture enthusiast. One of the 7 Her Campus + SELF Magazine "Lose the Freshman 15" bloggers!
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