4 Products to Help You Work Out From Home

I don’t know about you, but I’m super bored during this pandemic. Sure, I have my responsibilities; online school (I’m so close to putting “Zoom University” in my Instagram bio…), my side hustles (I can’t believe how many talents people have been hiding before quarantine!), and the scraps of my social life (Teleparty is the best extension to have ever been created, I will not be arguing with anybody about this).

In my case, I’ve been keeping very busy and mentally stimulated. However, this has resulted in some serious neglect for my physical health. It’s so important that we stop limiting conversation about health to weight gain/loss and junk food. This harmful narrative actively reinforces fatphobia and eating disorders. Instead, when we discuss physical health, we need to remember that everybody’s journey is unique and caters to their own personal experiences.

I really find peace at the gym. I’ll admit, I took both my local and campus gym memberships for granted and probably only went a handful of times, but now that I’m always sitting at a computer and facing serious Zoom fatigue, my body is literally begging me to work out. And while I’ve tried some home workouts, I find myself missing the actual gym (and  in this economy, I can’t afford those fancy machines to make myself an at-home gym).

My solution? I talked to a bunch of my friends who, in my eyes, are fitness gurus. They don’t talk about weight loss or shame me for what I eat. Instead, they make me feel super comfortable to ask questions about the ups and downs of working out from home as well as the mental health benefits of working out, and gave me some great suggestions for products I could invest in.

Here are four products to buy that will replace your regular gym membership and make working out from home super fun and productive!


  1. 1. Resistance bands

    Woman exercising with resistance band

    Resistance bands are used to sculpt and tone your body; they quite literally train your muscles by giving your body some resistance throughout your workout.

    My go-to exercise with resistance bands: stretch them around both your thighs and do some squats to work out the booty!

    I like these super cute resistance bands from Peach Bands ($25)! 

  2. 2. Foam roller

    The sign of a good workout? Post-workout soreness.

    If you want to relieve any muscle pain or soreness after your workout, just place the foam roller on the ground, lay down, and roll away the pain in your back, arms, and/or legs. You can also do all of this before you work out!

    Lululemon sells both regular-sized foam rollers ($58) as well as mini foam rollers ($38).

  3. 3. Fitness mat

    Woman exercising indoors on yoga mat

    So, I made the mistake of working out on my floor for a while, and when I say I could barely move for a solid week, I’m not exaggerating. Working out on a hard surface is not ergonomically friendly in the slightest. Your muscles are already going through so much while training, so the least you can do is give them a firm yet cushy surface. Many fitness mats come with little straps so you can roll them up and take them around, too — functional and cute: the best of both worlds.

    PSA: Fitness mats are not the same as yoga mats. They’re thicker and more firm. I repeat: they are NOT the same!

    My fitness mat is from Walmart ($25), and I love it!

  4. 4. Jump rope

    Jump ropes takes me back to my recess days (I still can’t double dutch, but I will most definitely pretend I can while I channel my inner Corbin Bleu as I "Push It to the Limit"). Believe it or not, jumping rope is a great way to exercise your heart: the strongest muscle in your body! Heart disease runs in my family which is why I need to pay extra attention to cardio, but it should important to everybody.

    I got my jump rope from Old Navy ($6); super durable, 10/10 would recommend!

These products are sure to keep your motivation high when it comes to working out at home! Whether your gym is closed and/or you’re doing your part by staying home, your physical health should take priority — especially during a pandemic. Stay happy, healthy, and safe!

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