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Packing For A Music Festival? Don’t Forget These Discreet Hookup Essentials

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you’d know the struggle of packing your bag for a weekend of music, fun, and memories. And while you are remembering sunscreen and Liquid IV, don’t forget all of the tools you always seem to forget… your hookup essentials, obvi!  The ambiance of a music festival makes it the perfect place for a steamy spontaneous hookup once you head back to the campsite or hotel. Whether you plan on getting sweaty jumping around and dancing or in other steamy ways (like hooking up), these items will make sure you are safe. 

These are not situations you want to be unprepared for, you never know when you’ll meet a person and instantly click enough to spend the night together. So, throw some of these discretely packaged, travel-sized products in your bag to bring a little protection, and extra pleasure, to every hookup. You’ll thank me later, I swear to you!

Sweet Spot Labs Wipes

These wipes ($10) are unscented and pH-balancing, perfect for keeping you smelling sweet from head to toe. Plus, they are individually wrapped so you can bring one for cleanup after a quickie or a dozen. 

Jems Condoms + Case

What’s better than condoms? Condoms in cute case of course! This set from Jems ($24) is perfect to have on hand for any festival hookups and the case is perfect for attaching to your bag. 

Plan B

For obvious reasons, a morning-after pill is a must. Plan B ($35) is a go-to because it’s so easy to find. My recommendation is to take it out of the box to make it more discreet then leave the foil-wrapped pill in your bag, bra, or wallet. 

My Lube Card

Lube is a must for hookups, but you aren’t just going to carry a bottle with you — making these individual cards ($10) full of lube perfect for throwing in your bag. Plus, they feature CBD to heighten arousal and bring a feeling of extra relaxation. When things get steamy, and you are ready to use them, just snap them in half and squeeze. 

Hello Cake Sex Wipes 

Nothing is more of a must-have than clean-up wipes. These wipes from Hello Cake ($8) are individually wrapped, hypoallergenic, and pH-balancing. These are literally perfect for cleaning all kinds of festival messes. 

Uber Lube

Want a lube option where you can decide how much you use? This travel-size Uber Lube ($18) is perfect. TBH, the sleek metal case makes it look like a lipstick tube, so no one will bat an eye. 

Bloomi Vibrator

Want to add a little extra sensuality to your festival hookups? A vibrator is totally the vibe then. This bullet vibrator ($11) is perfect and it comes in a little satin case to keep it safe and clean in your bag.

Wisp Morning After Pill

Another great option for the morning-after pill, this generic option from Wisp ($18) is a fraction of the price. Put them somewhere safe in case you need it. 

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

A vibe you can wear around your neck? That is so iconic. This vibrator ($70) is both the perfect toy and accessory for all of your festivals this season. 

Foria Intimacy Melts

These melts ($20) are perfect to add stimulation or soothe sore muscles. Infused with CBD, pop one of these in at least 30 minutes before sex. They come in foil packaging so you can bring one or two instead of the whole box. 

Rosebud Travel Kit

In case you have no idea where to start, this kit ($28) has a little of everything and it all comes in a little pouch that you can just throw in your bag. It has a stimulating lube, wipes, a calming cream, and a vulva moisturizer — what more do you need?


This silicone underwear ($25) is a must for all things oral this festival season. They are individually wrapped and all you have to do is pop them on before things get hot and heavy. And, ICYMI, they are also FDA-approved to make sure you are protected. 

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