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These Sex Positions Are Perfect For Spontaneous, Summertime Backseat Hookups

IMHO, car sex is never going to go out of style. And with summertime coming up, I think it’s the perfect time to rev some engines and hit the road… to the nearest discreet hookup spot. This tried and true (and, perhaps, teenage) way of hooking up might actually be the perfect way to add a little spice to your sex life. Let’s be real — if you’re anything like me, the sex scene in Titanic left you feeling some kind of way, and ready to get in your ride and steam up the windows. Sorry, not sorry.

Seriously though, car sex is definitely a unique way to try something new and feel a little rebellious. Also, it can even be a great switch-up for folks who are in long-term relationships, or living together. After a while that bedroom routine gets a little old, and the added anticipation of “anyone could catch us right now” is sure to add a spark to any quickie. 

So, the next time you and your partner (or your FWB) are in the mood, consider skipping over the bedroom and going for a romp in your ride. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


Or let’s call it cargirl. This is perfect for times you want to climb right on in the front seat. Slide the front seat all the way back and climb on top, it’s really that easy. 

Mutual Masturbation.

Too excited on the way home from dinner to wait? Try some mutual masturbation! This one is perfect for foreplay before you get home. 

Backseat Yab Yum.

Get closer to your partner in the backseat! While your partner sits in a lotus position, get on top and straddle them for intense penetration


For this position, have your partner sit in the back seat and wrap your legs around them, crisscross applesauce style, while they penetrate you. 

Front seat oral.

A classic for obvious reasons: it’s easy for either partner to lean over the front seat center console and pleasure the other.  

Out of the roof. 

OK, this one is scandalous. Stand up in the front seat and have your partner pleasure you from the bottom, while you watch the world out of the sunroof. Just make sure you’re somewhere secluded and private. 

Out of the window.

No sunroof? Try hanging your torso out of the car window while your partner lays across the seats and gives you head. You’re gonna want to hold to the roof during this one. 

Brace yourself.

Drape yourself over the passenger seat and lower it to give you something to brace yourself on while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Reserve cowgirl.

With the passenger seat all the way back, go on top of your partner with your back facing them. Pro tip: try rocking instead of bouncing — it’s easier in a car! 

Back seat doggy.

Want a little g-spot stimulation in a p(arking) spot? Take your partner to the back seat and get in position while they penetrate you, lying almost on you, in a push-up position. This way no one hits their head on the roof and you still get a toe-curling orgasm. 


If you are a passenger princess, there’s a strong chance you are a pillow princess… so make your partner take charge! Get comfy on the back seat and lay down with your knees bent while your partner goes on top. 

The seashell. 

This is another one for my pillow princesses. Lay back, bring your legs up and close to your face with straight legs (I recommend stretching before this), and have your partner penetrate you. 

Missionary under the stars.

Now, this one is definitely for remote locations, but if you (or your partner) have a pickup truck — they call it a bed for a reason. Add some pillows and blankets to the bed of the truck and spread out while you have intimate and steamy sex in missionary — close and together. 


Take over your back seat and cuddle up with your partner, having them penetrate you from behind. While you are cuddled up, have them enter you and reach around your body to stimulate an erogenous zone, especially your clit. 

Masturbate without looking. 

This one is sure to satisfy the fantasies of all of the kinkiest of partners. You sit in the front seat and pleasure yourself but your partner will be in the backseat doing the same. You aren’t allowed to look at (or touch) each other… this is the steamiest, IMHO. 

DIY bondage.

What if I told you that piece of leather around your partner’s waist is a perfect restraint? What if I told you that you can use the seat belt too? Steal that belt and use it to tie their hands together and hold them above their head. From there, that’s up to you. 

Classic Oral.

The backseat is just begging for you to get down and dirty, so it’s the perfect place to lay down and do everything your partner loves, whether it eating them out or giving them a BJ. 

Touch yourself while they drive.

Who says these positions need to be while parked? If you are looking to make sure your partner is turned on when you get home from date night, touch yourself the whole way home. 

The spider.

This position is best for stimulating the clit and experiencing deep penetration, but you still get to see your partner. Lay down with your knees bent and have them sit in between them with their knees bent, lift your hips to meet theirs, and then rock back and forth. This is sure to get the car rocking. 


Okay, yes, this can feel a little vanilla. But you are already doing something scandalous, plus the closeness of this position makes it easier. Lay on your back and wrap your legs around your partner while they penetrate you. This is one of my favorites, TBH.   


This is perfect for tight backseats. Lay on your stomach and pull your feet towards your butt with your legs spread and then have your partner penetrate you from in between your legs. 

On the hood.

This one is definitely only safe for super isolated places, but if your wanderlust (emphasis on lust) takes you to a mountain, or another remote place, use the hood. It definitely gives you more space to work with and lets your partner stand up. Do it in whatever position you want: missionary, doggy, whatever rocks your boat (or car).


Slide the passenger seat all the way forward and have your partner sit on the floor, tilting their head back. Then stand above them and holding onto the passenger seat lower yourself onto their face. The windows will be steamy in no time. 


Yes, it’s possible. Just have your partner lay with their knees up and bent before you lay on top of them. Have a towel in the backseat, this one is sure to be dirty. 

The Bandoleer

This one is sure to end in pleasure since it’s perfect for targeting the g-spot. Lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest. Then have your partner penetrate while kneeling with their knees under your back and your feet on their chest. 

The lap dance.

If you are feeling flexible, this position is sure to get some g-spot stimulation. Have your partner sit in the passenger seat and climb on top of them putting your legs over the shoulders. Put your hands on their knees and lean back slightly to make everything go even deeper. 

Crouching Tiger

This name sounds like a movie title, but it’s really good. Have your partner lay across the back seat and then sit on them with your knees bent ad your feet planted flat on the seat. Then, do some rocking or micro bounces to feel nothing but pleasure. 

Classic straddle.

We love a good classic sex position. Have your partner lay down (with bent knees if it’s tight) and then mount them with one leg in between theirs and the other over their hip.

Spread eagle.

Another classic that’s perfect for the backseat. Lay on your back with your legs open as wide as they can go and have your partner penetrate while in a push-up position. 


This position is begging for a back seat somewhere scandalous. Have your partner lay on their back with their knees bent, then mount them and arch your back over their knees while you both rock back and forth. 


Another tight position. Lay with your chest draped over your knees while your partner kneels behind your penetrating you while they drape over your back. Bonus points if they whisper naughty thoughts into your ear. 

Open the door.

This one is another for remote locations but open the door (or trunk if you have an SUV) and use it like a bed. Lay on it and bring your knees to your armpits while your partner stands at the door and penetrates you. It’s a like a modified version of desk domination

The Amazon.

This is perfect for a two-seater. Have your partner sit in the passenger seat and sit on top of them with your hip against their belly and your legs over the center console them rock back and forth. 

The Dash Smash.

Use the car to your advantage by leaning onto the steering wheel while mounted on your partner. Have your partner sit in the driver seat, and have them penetrate you by sitting on top of them and rocking back and forth. 

Junk in the trunk.

If you have a SUV, lower the back seats all the way and use the whole space for some classic missionary. 

The reverse scoop.

Want to make the windows steam? Get closer and dirtier with this position that entangles you in your partner. Start by laying next to each other in the back seat and get close to your partner wrapping legs or arms around each other. 

Road head.

If you think your partner can handle it, you can always touch them while they are driving home. While they are driving lean over the console to give them oral. This one sounds extra rebellious. 

The backseat driver.

Does your partner like to be bossed around? Then this one is perfect. Have your partner sit in the back seat closest to the center console. Then sit on top of them, with your back against their chest, and lean forward supporting yourself on the console. Then, it’s time to start rocking. 

Just a vibe.

Want to add a little foreplay to your trip home but without fully having sex? Throw a bullet vibe in your purse and ask your partner to use it on you.

Sideways 69.

A modified version of a classic, but perfect for a wide back seat. Lay on your side and have your partner do the same facing the opposite direction and then get down and dirty together. 

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