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Bloom Nutrition greens.
Bloom Nutrition greens.
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Bloom’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Are Your Sign To Stock Up

If you’re a social media user, I’m confident you’ve seen the TikTok famous health and wellness brand Bloom Nutrition — you know, the greens and superfood powder that you dump into some water and mix with the cute mini electric mixer? Well, Bloom Nutrition is having one of their biggest sales to date for Black Friday and Cyber Monday — I’m talking about up to 50% off. 

But if you haven’t heard of Bloom (and in that case, where have you been?), I’ll give you the lowdown on the brand. Bloom Nutrition was born in 2019 when founder Mari Llewellyn “hit rock bottom” in terms of her mental and physical health. With the help of her now husband Greg, she was able to create new healthy habits that allowed her to *bloom* into her best self and became inspired to help other folks do the same. 

Llewellyn struggled to find products that were made with high-quality ingredients but still tasted delicious, so she took matters into her own hands and created the viral greens powder we know today. Let’s just say, she succeeded —Bloom has been featured in Forbes, Women’s Health Magazine, and more.

They have a plethora of products from protein powder ($50) that actually blends (and doesn’t taste like chalk), to collagen creamer ($30),  multivitamins, pre-workout ($40), and of course — the classic and most popular — Greens & Superfood Mix ($40) which is available in seven different flavors. 

Bloom’s mission is to make approachable and delicious health supplements that help fuel your fitness journey and give your body the nutrients it needs to bloom. So you know, no matter what product you choose, both your body and taste buds will be happy. 

Now onto the deals: On Bloom’s website from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27, you can get up to 50% off everything on the site. Additionally, if you’re scrolling through Target on Cyber Monday, you can snag 25% off. And, if you’re a TikTok Shop fan, you can take 20% off all products from now until Nov. 27. Finally, Bloom has a sale on Amazon too, where you can take 31% off of your favorite products from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27. 

I don’t know about you but I sure have been influenced by these unbeatable deals. If you need me, I’ll be stocking up on Bloom for me, and to gift my besties.

Bryanna is a Her Campus National Writer, she composes articles for the wellness section weekly covering all things health, and sex & relationships. She also occasionally dips her toes into the culture section for more timely breaking news as needed. Bryanna is a current senior at Baldwin Wallace University where she is majoring in music theatre, but much like the famous line from Hamilton "why do you write like you're running out of time" Bryanna's life would be incomplete without working on articles for Her Campus and various other online publications. She is currently working on her debut poetry book "Love Letters I Never Delivered". When not writing or on stage you can find Bryanna making a perfectly curated Spotify playlist, teeing off at the local mini golf course, or curling up with a totally predictable romance novel. To Keep up with her: @bryannacuthill or https://bryannacuthill.com 💌 🪩🥂