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Fitness Girlies, Add These Bala Bangle Dupes To Your Cart ASAP

If hot girl walks have one fan? It’s me. You can find me outside all summer walking around my neighborhood pretending I am a fitness influencer. You know, those creators that always have the prettiest workout equipment that I’m absolutely obsessed with: the way their yoga mat, towels, and blocks always match makes my coordination-obsessed, Capricorn heart happy — and definitely inspires some workouts. The item I am most obsessed with? The Bala ankle weights: They are sleek and come in the most stunning neutral shades, but they also come with a $60 price tag, making them a bit out of budget for a college student. 

If you want to add some strength training to your workout routine or try a low-impact weight workout without a gym membership, wearable weights might be the way to go. Strap them to your wrists or ankles for your next wine walk, yoga flow, or pilates class. You can even keep them in your backpack and wear them as you walk to class, toning your legs before you study. If you are like me and want the influencer vibe for ankle weights without the price tag, a great dupe is just what you need. The best part? Some of them are even less than $20, making it an easy add-to-cart to make your fitness girlie dreams a reality, because workouts are easier when your equipment is pretty, IMHO.

Movido Wrist & Ankle Weights 

These are perfect for your first pair of ankle weights ($40), especially since they are only one pound. They come in the cutest colors like a blush terracotta shade and sage green. 

Mucek ankle weights

These weights ($17) look just like the Bala ones except they are bubblegum pink. It’s giving Barbiecore in the best way possible. 

Mööni Wearable Ankle & Wrist Bracelet Weight 

These cute coral weights ($20) are perfect for your next pilates class, and they are only 1.1 pounds each making them easy to use as a beginner. BRB, adding them to my cart RN. 

Polyfit Wrist & Ankle Weights 

These are almost a perfect dupe of the Bala weights and they are a neutral lover’s dream ($38). I can already see you rocking them at a yoga class, and then on a post-class coffee run. 

Stonesam Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Weight

A moment for my green-loving girls, these ankle weights ($36) are the prettiest emerald color. These are perfect for a hot girl walk outside to your favorite juice bar for a fresh green juice. 

TokSay Wearable Weights

Want a pair you can throw on and literally forget you are wearing? These weights ($20) are perfect, they are pink and half a pound each, so they are perfect to rock on your way to class. 

Caone Ankle Weights 

A fuchsia option for all of the pink girlies, these weights ($24) are a perfect dupe. Plus, they’re the perfect color for summer these will be the perfect accessory alongside your favorite sunnies. 

Fragraty Ankle weights

Nothing is better than a dupe that’s less than $20. These simple black weights ($17) are an exact dupe, but they are half the price. 

Tosamc Adjustable Weights

For a more intense workout try these 1.5 pound weights ($43). They are a classic black and silicone so they are sweat-proof to keep you comfortable no matter how intense the workouts get.    

Cretee Adjustable Weights 

Another neutral lover’s dream are these weights ($18). Throw these on for your favorite workout, and you won’t even notice they aren’t the actual weights. 

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