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Black History and Hollywood

So, it's Black History Month. It's Black History Month and it's time to talk about diversity.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

When you say the name William Shakespeare to some people, they get really scared and kind of want to run away. People are intimated because...

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Return of a Powerhouse: Adele

When I first heard “Someone Like You,” I remember crying for an hour. I heard a voice that I thought sounded like an angel, and I was so...

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The End of the Line

Even people who hate America love it when Chris Evans is supporting it in a star-spangled spandex suit. Captain America: The Winter Soldier...

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Maddie & Tae Take WVWC

The dynamic country duo, Maddie and Tae, visited WVWC Wednesday night to perform a free concert—and we were there to capture every note!...

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“On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink.”

This week’s Throwback Flick of the Week is encourage you to wear pink on Wednesday. I mean, according to today’s flick of choice, you...