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New Term, New You

A brand new year is here which means inevitable resolutions, goals and hopeful chapters to start anew. The new year also comes along with a...

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4 Resources to Use When Picking Courses

It’s almost October, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what courses to take in the Winter term. It may seem hard to think...

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Amelia Black ’19

This week’s profile is sophomore Amelia Black, a communications major and a Japanese minor. Because of her passion for the Japanese culture...

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10 Reasons Why Winter Term Is The Worst

Winter term just sucks. Period. No matter how hard you try and “think positive” or “make the most of it”, it just seems to be the absolute...

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Kendall Crosby: Committed to Health

Growing up with a knack for math and science and a mother working in public health communications, sophomore Kendall Crosby knew since high...

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Julia Pugliese: Winter Term in England

This week's profile is on Julia Pugliese, a sophomore English and Secondary Education Major and Creative Writing Minor. Over winter break,...