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10 Reasons Why Winter Term Is The Worst

Winter term just sucks. Period. No matter how hard you try and “think positive” or “make the most of it”, it just seems to be the absolute worst time for anything—you can’t seem to stop sleeping through your alarms, you’re always tired, and every single second of every single day, you ask yourself, “Do I really need this education”? Why do we all seem to feel this way? Here are 10 reasons why winter term is horrible.

You’re too cold to function

Winter is the worst time of year here in the PNW. All you ever want to do is stay under the covers and watch Netflix all day, drink hot chocolate, and never move from the comfortable position you’re in. Going to class in the winter is like walking to your death sentence.

You’re always tired

Something about the winter brings out your narcolepsy. You can’t seem to stay awake during lecture, your eyes are always half open, and you feel like if you don’t get home and get in bed soon, you will literally die.

Your classes are harder

You’re probably taking the hardest classes this term because you figured winter term is the time to knock out those intense major and gen-Ed courses. In addition, you seem to have much more work to do this term than you did last term, and you frequently question why the hell you did this to yourself.

You’re always broke

Your bank account is straight up depressing. Everyone seems to be struggling this time of year.

You have no motivation for anything

You find it hard to get out of bed, put on pants, do your hair, or try and do anything that requires minimal motor skills.

The turn up is non-existent

No one really has fun winter term because of the weather, so jammies and movies all weekend it is!

You’re sick for at least 3 months

You’ve been fighting a cold of some sort since the beginning of the season, and it just seems to get worse. You’re probably that person who sniffles the entire lecture. We’ve all been there.

You miss home a lot

You always seem to miss your family this time of year. Phone calls and Skype just aren’t enough!

You never have time for anything

This is the busiest term; between your class load, extracurricular activities, squeezing in some much-needed gym time, and still trying to get at least four hours of sleep every night, you’re the busiest bee ever.

 You’re stressed the f**k out

All of the above mixed together…your mental breakdown is on the horizon.

Hellooooooo everyone!  First of all, if you read anything I write, you are golden, and I appreciate you! I am a 21 year old girl from San Diego, California. I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in Advertising, and graduating in June. 
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