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8 Places Valdosta Could Use

Valdosta State has given us a great college experience thus far, however, the actual city of Valdosta could use some work! Staying hundreds...

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Her Campus Valdosta #InAero Tour Recap

Her Campus at Valdosta hosted the #InAero Campus Tour October 24th and it was nothing short of a hit! Held in our bookstore in the Student...

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Fall Premiere Queen #WCW: Shonda Rhimes

The queen of Fall premieres, Shonda Rhimes, makes a strong comeback this fall and we are so excited! Three addictive shows make landfall...

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7 Amazing Fall Foods to Try Right Now

It’s that time of year again when those spontaneous food cravings seem to creep up on you. The unbearable desire for sweet potatoes and...

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5 Slept On VSU Study Spots

Spring semester is flying by, and that means it's time to hit the books and add a few last minute points to your GPA. Finding a good study...

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Leave 2016 On Good Terms

Parting ways with anything with no closure and peace can be challenging. Think of a time you’ve gone to bed upset with someone, it makes...