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Parting ways with anything with no closure and peace can be challenging. Think of a time you’ve gone to bed upset with someone, it makes the feeling of anything negative even stronger. Letting go is much easier when everything is resolved in one way or another. The year 2016 has been an interesting one. It seems to be one that no one was expecting. There were so many hopes and plans in January, only to have one obscure event happen after the next. This year was filled with unexpected challenges, surprises, and a certain dullness.

With just one full calendar month left to make amends with 2016, we may all have some work to do. The way this year will be remembered and the fashion in which we end it, is all in our hands. Being bitter about a year we didn’t entirely get along with is no way to start anew in the rebirthing month of January. There is no sense in carrying any sort of negative baggage into a new chapter of our lives. While admittedly cliché, the start of 2017 will be page 1 of a 365-page story that we get to write. If this year didn’t go the way you planned, pin point wish could have been different. Certain things are completely out of our control, but we still have the power to react to life the way we choose to. Everything we encounter regardless of the day, month, or year is a wild card for sure, but the one bit of certainty we can hold on to is how we commit to be in the face of adversity.

Aspirations are a wonderful way to kick off the start of something new. We will all be significantly more successful in our endeavors if we can devote our minds to the potential the future holds. Take time to reflect on the past months of your calendars. Find those thoughts, moments, and successes that are worth holding on to. Let the rest stay behind. Who will you choose to be? What will you aim for? How will you make every bit of 2017 valuable? It all begins with a goodbye.

2016, you’ve taught me a lot. 2017, you hold so much growth I am excited to explore.



Alex is an easy going and bubbly person who has a passion for all things creative. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology at Valdosta State University and loving her experiences along the way. Instagram & Twitter: alex_gmann
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