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Songs That Have Gotten Me Through My First Year of College

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As we delve further into the spring semester, I can’t help but reminisce about how far I’ve come during my first year at college. I still remember the worry and fear I felt as I sat alone in my dorm room for the first time and how quickly all those feelings washed away. The transition into college life wasn’t always easy, and despite how happy I am after meeting new people and experiencing campus, I still have moments where I feel lost. Listening to music has become a comfort for me — a support system.  No matter what I’m feeling, I know there’s a song buried somewhere in my playlist to lift me up. From studying to getting ready to go out with friends, I’ve picked out the most notable songs and artists that got me through my first year at Virginia Tech.

“Lovers Rock” by TV Girl

Each day brings on its own unique challenges and silly little tasks to complete. “Lovers Rock” is my favorite song to play in my ear as I do just about anything. Whether it’s vacuuming the floor or making a bowl of cereal, the smooth and unconventional love song never fails to get me on my feet, having me fill my dorm room with hums and singing!

“Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac

Something about the aura of any Fleetwood Mac song makes me feel like the most powerful woman in the world. If I’m feeling down or nervous about doing something on my own, a nice listen to “Silver Springs” makes me feel better and more confident in myself. Also, it may be an odd addition to a typical workout playlist, but this song is one of my favorites to have echoed through my headphones during a run — a main character moment in my opinion.

“Meet Me in The City” by The Black Keys

From sunny days to cold and rainy 8 A.M.s, “Meet Me in The City” is the perfect song to play on repeat as I walk to class. The guitar, vocals, and passion heard throughout the song’s lyrics caught my attention from the very first listen. The thought of being able to stroll around campus with this masterpiece playing has been motivation to get me going more days than I can count. 

“Portland” by Mac Demarco 

Mac Demarco’s release of Five Easy Hot Dogs this January quickly made it into the top ranks of my study music. The album of instrumentals has comforted me through hours of writing essays and cramming at the library. It will continue to fill countless hours of my listening history as midterms and finals approach.

“Lovesong” by Beabadoobee

Listening to this song reminds me of the first months of school and meeting my current boyfriend. The sweet melody reminds me of how nervous and excited I would be to see him. I’ve always been one to find myself somewhere in between the lyrics of a song, but this song has become one that feels as if it was written for me. I always listen to this song to remember how lucky I am to have stumbled upon my perfect person during such a hectic and stressful time of my life. 

While my music taste probably varies from yours, I hope you can find songs that fit your life and make you feel your best. Music has been an essential part of my college experience, and I could fill pages and pages with songs that have helped me so far.

Kyndall Hanson

Virginia Tech '26

My name is Kyndall and I'm a freshman at Virginia Tech. I'm majoring in multimedia journalism as well as philosophy, politics and economics.