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Campus Clothing Staples

As it’s officially fall, we all know that it will become more and more difficult to put together outfits; however, if you have these staple...

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The Kardashian Decade

It has been 10 years since the Krazy Kardashians have been on TV, and honestly it has been quite the ride. From marriages, to babies, to...

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Fall 2017 Movie Preview

Image Source: Nerdist With autumn right around the corner, new movies are ready to make a splash at a theater near you. Here is a list of...

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Best Looks from Fashion Month

Both February and March are crucial months in the fashion industry, as designers showcase their Fall 2017 collections at New York, London,...

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Freshmen Finals Survival Guide

Its that time of the year, the library is full, everyone is trying to finish projects and stress levels are through the roof. However, for...