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byCHLOE: Revolutionizing Plant-Based Food

As a lifelong vegetarian, I have never tasted a good burger before. Either the patty did not taste good, at all, or the entire burger lacked flavor. I was quickly beginning to lose faith in finding a decent plant-based burger, until I stepped into New York City’s hottest vegan restaurant, byCHLOE.

Created by Chloe Coscarelli in 2014, this vegan restaurant has an array of house-made burgers, air-baked fries, salads, pasta, ice cream, and even fresh cold-pressed juices. Unlike other fast-food chains, byCHLOE is completely plant-based and every single item is made fresh on the daily. byCHLOE is also known for their Thai coconut water- they have rows of actual fresh coconuts that are chopped open to drink. Aside from this novel drink, they also are known for their espresso cookies, which are as big as a human head. Located in the West Village, and opening in many more locations in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles, this restaurant is making vegan food popular and both meat eaters and plant eaters alike are captivated by this restaurant, including me. Coscarelli is proving to the world that being vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

The West Village branch of this restaurant has an ambience of a modern, but 1950s inspired beachside café, with reflective mirror walls and hanging chairs. Even though the size of the restaurant is small, it is well worth waiting in line for. Since I was on the hunt for the best burgers I could eat, I was amazed by the variety that byCHLOE had to offer. The Guac Burger ideally combines the juiciness of a burger with the flavors of the Latin cuisine. Meanwhile, the Classic Burger is the perfectly crafted vegan response to the classic American food staple. Not only was the patty full of flavor, but also the beet ketchup and the special sauce counterbalanced each other quite well.

Even though I didn’t have time to try most of the items on the menu, I did enjoy the vegan burgers. Not only is this restaurant redefining what it means to be a vegan in this day in age, but also it shows people that we are equally capable of enjoying great food.

A Sophomore Biology major at The College of New Jersey, who has an affinity for fashion, beauty, pop culture, and anything with humor!
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