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Its that time of the year, the library is full, everyone is trying to finish projects and stress levels are through the roof. However, for freshman this is the first time they are experiencing finals week in college. Here are a few tips that are bound to ease the nerves of finals week from a girl who has gone through this cycle a couple of times!

1. Make a study schedule for each subject. 

2. Make sure you go to office hours for classes to make sure your notes are correct!

3. Double check your finals schedule on PAWS to make sure you have the right day & time so you don't miss your final!

4. DO NOT forget to eat healthy! Instead of eating fried foods, eat a salad or load up on carbs to keep your brain sharp!

5. Is the lib too crowded for you? Most classrooms stay unlocked during reading days, check out the academic buildings and find yourself a classroom to study in!

6. DO NOT cram the night before! Make sure you get lots of sleep and divide up your studying during the reading periods, even the week before your exams!

7. Make sure you set your alarm for Test Day.

8. Read motivational quotes before you sit down for your exam!


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