Happy Pride, Her Campus!

As a few of the resident HC queer ladies, we knew we wanted to throw y’all a very special little party this pride, full of stories of college women who live and exist and create and love without apology. Y’all deserve it.

Pride 2018 is such a special complicated time for queer folks. Like, we all feel like the world is kind of on fire — our friends along all sorts of marginalized intersections are terrified, there’s straight-up a dude who advocates for conversion therapy in the White House and plenty of people are getting more and more vocal about how much they want to be allowed to discriminate against us.

But, it’s not in the nature of the LGBTQ+ community to back down and shut up when faced with intolerant bullshit (like, check Pride history on that one.) And so many of the greatest things about this bright and beautiful month-long celebration of queerness are about finding the joy, finding the love and finding the community in the midst of a shitstorm.

Maybe you’re celebrating your first or 21st Pride this month. Maybe you’ve never been to pride and probably will never even leave the closet. Maybe you’re really not sure what’s up with your sexuality or gender identity and don’t know how to identify. No matter where on the spectrum you fall, or how you choose to live your best queer life, or what queerness looks like to you, we hear you, we see you, we love you. You’re not alone.


Katie Speller (News Editor) & Rachel Lewis (Social Media Editor)