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Campus Celebrity: Nick Khraufeh

Read more about Nicholas Kharufeh, a Business Management major, who is eager to reach the skies and finish his college degree to take over the family business.

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Campus Cutie: Parker Archer

From ASUU, to promoting study abroad, to greek life, Parker Archer has women falling at his feet. Name: Parker Archer Age: Just turned 21...

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Christopher Gabayan ’18

Name: Christopher Gabayan Age: 19 Year: Sophomore Major: Biology What programs are you involved in on-campus? Army ROTC (Reserve Officer...

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Alec Kaczkowski ’16

This week’s campus cutie is Alec Kaczkowski. We sat down to talk about his life at DePauw and the upcoming future. Her Campus: So Alec,...

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Campus Cutie: Nigel Guieb

Senior, LA native, Nigel Guieb can either be found in the gym or on the dance floor when he isn't studying Communications and Economics...

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Abhishek Joshi ’18

Name: Abhishek Joshi (But everyone just calls me Abhi) Age: 20 Year: Sophomore Major: Journalism, with a minor in TV & Film Fraternity...

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Campus Cutie: Travis Tibbitts

Senior, Santa Barbra native, Travis Tibbitts, can most likely be found at the beach trying to catch a wave, or at work at the Outback Surf...

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Nick Konicek ’17

Where do we begin with this week’s Campus Cutie?! Nick Konicek, a sophomore Phi Delta Theta from Illinois and he is the next big thing on...

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Campus Cutie: Austin Heron

Name: Austin Bruce Heron Year: Sophomore Hobbies: Surfing waves and surfing Netflix Campus Involvement: Orientation Week Leader, Social...