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Fall Is Awaiting: Over The Knee Boots

The fall go-to fashion is in season again, the otk (over the knee) style has not been seized yet. Over the Knee boots can be paired with so...

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Fall Outfits Made Easy

Check out the latest fall trends that will make it easy to look put together while still giving minimal effort.

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Boot Season

The cold is finally beginning to hit Valdosta, so boots are definitely a must have. I have racked up on a few pairs of boots within the...

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6 Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee-boots (OTK's) are this season’s hottest shoe-trend! This stylish-trend is sexy and chic all at once- they are the perfect...

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The Fall Footwear Trends You Must Try!

The season of Fall and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Fall is the time of year when layering is key and the snow hasn’t hit the...

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How to Style: Denim Skirts

Once again, fashion proves truly how cyclical it is by having us wishing we held on to our denim skirts of the 2000s. We know what you’re...