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The NFL Strikes Back

NFL teams and owners compelled by President Donald Trump’s words. Kneeling during a national anthem: An issue that is traveling fast.

Mandalay Bay

At an estimate of at least 59 casualties and over 527 injured individuals, Mandalay Bay has been marked as the worst mass shooting in American history.

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4 Things to Help You Understand DACA

Unsure what DACA is? Or maybe how to get your voice heard? Here are four fast facts to help you better understand what DACA is and how to help.

Hurricane Harvey

If you have turned on the news or browsed the internet over the past week, you are sure to have seen the devastation that has hit Houston,...

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Kraigen Grooms’ Case: Explained

My hometown has been getting some significant media attention for its decision to keep Kraigen Grooms from prison after being found guilty...