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5 Newsworthy Topics For the Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

We all know the feeling quite too well- you’ve finally introduced yourself to the boy you’ve been staring at during Calc every Monday and Wednesday for the past month.  Sure, you’ve never actually talked before, but you know by the end of this conversation he’ll no doubt be in love with you and your fate as the hot new couple on campus will be sealed. You open your mouth to wow him with your brilliance…. and you can’t think of a single topic of conversation. You feel a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach. You see his perfect smile disappear and he quickly makes an excuse about having to go walk his roommates’ pet chicken. As he turns to leave you watch all your hopes and dreams of marriage and 5 children together walk out the door with him. You ask yourself what you were thinking going in unprepared, why didn’t you think of something, ANYTHING to talk about?!? 

If you know what I’m talking about then, (a) I’m sorry, (b) I am here for you, girl. Below I have graciously provided 5 news-worthy topics or current events that will make you seem so much more cultured than you actually are and give you something to talk about whether it be with the love of your life or your favorite girlfriends. Yes, you’re welcome. 

  1. Trust me, I love a good bottle of pop as much as the next girl, but a new study published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine may have me hesitating next time I’m at the dining hall. According to research done in Western Europe, those who drank two or more sodas a day were more likely to have health problems than those who consume less than one glass a month, whether it be sugar sweetened or artificially sweetened. Although this publishing isn’t groundbreaking or surprising for anyone, researchers hope that it will open the eyes of the public to the fact that no/low calorie sodas aren’t fooling anyone, especially our digestive systems. 

  2. As the air turns crisp and leaves start to fall, you’re probably thinking the same thing as a majority of consumers: time for a new fall wardrobe. As exciting as this quest can be, your current re-vamping efforts may be thwarted by new tariffs placed on goods exported from China. Clothes, shoes and other consumer goods may be taxed up to 15 percent on their way to the U.S, which will add up quickly. Economists can’t predict how these taxes may be taken by the Chinese government, so I don’t know about you, but I am definitely going to be stocking up on winter clothes now!

  3. If you’re feeling blue or can’t stop thinking about that Spanish test you probably just bombed, do yourself a favor and head to the Berlin Zoo’s homepage to see the two adorable baby pandas born there on August 31st. The twin pandas were born to the only current panda couple living in Germany, and are currently on loan to the zoo. They will most likely return to Beijing when they are a little older, but in the meantime, readers (like us!) have the opportunity to propose potential names for the pair.

  4. Perhaps you’ve realized that the aforementioned dream boy is not, in fact, as dreamy as he looks from across the classroom, and you’re ready to move onto bigger and better things. If this is the case then you just might be in luck. Last week, Facebook launched its first ever dating app in the U.S. For those of us sick and tired of those awkward Tinder dates, this new app may be the answer. It works entirely through your Facebook mobile app and you can even send messages before you match! As we all know, there’s always some security in making a little conversation and making sure that we’re not being catfished.

On that note, here’s to adorable baby pandas and more inevitably awkward dating app encounters. More news to come next week!