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Her Campus at CU Boulder Fall Tea Ideas

With fall here, it’s time to break out the warm drinks and fun combinations to try! Celestial Seasonings is located right here in Boulder, CO, so here are some...

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Adptd: Your Next Favorite Music Source

Tired of that same old Spotify playlist from two years ago? When handed the aux at the party, you have no idea what to play. ‘50 Shades’...

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February Playlist

We have a list of songs that will keep you jamming through the rest of February! Take a listen and find the songs you love … even though we...

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Study Playlist: Winter 2015

For those of you who're struggling to concentrate in the library, HC have come up with the best solution to get those brains focused. We've...

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Modern Halloween Mix

In honor of Halloween this Friday, we have created a go-to playlist. Whether you're getting your costume ready, answering to trick-or-...

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Nobody wants to be back at school today, so we thought that we could brighten up your spring semester with some sweet tunes. Listen to this...