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Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Recently, I just moved into my first house….eeep! No landlords or hall directors telling me no nails in the wall or no painting the...

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DIY Healthy, Yummy, and Easy Snacks

With Winter right around the corner, lets face it, the majority of us are not so worried about getting our beach bods. We begin to act more...

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April Activities

“April showers brings May flowers.” If the saying has any truth to it, you’re going to need something to do when it starts down pouring...

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10 Coffee Shops to Try in La Crosse

One of my favorite things about La Crosse and one of the many reasons why I'm blessed to be going to school here is the variety of coffee...

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Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Cards

Whether you plan on spending Valentine's Day with your girls, by yourself, or that special someone, here’s some Valentine's Day cards that...

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How To Survive Holiday Travel

By: Danielle Terracciano Everyone loves the rush of excitement when you hear the words Flight X is Now Boarding , and you're just one step...