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The origins of lacrosse lie in the 17th century when it was developed by Native Americans as a physical activity but also as a way of honouring ‘the creator’. Many people haven’t had the opportunity to try a sport like lacrosse before coming to uni so don’t be worried if it is your first time playing – most people are in the same boat! For those who are completely unfamiliar with the game, it is similar to hockey yet instead of being on the ground the ball is in the air and is thrown between players using a stick. Lacrosse is a cardio sport with many benefits for cardiovascular endurance, building speed and developing stamina. It also helps improve coordination and agility with players having to dodge around each other to get the ball as close to the goal as possible in order to maximise chances of scoring. Like most sports, playing lacrosse can help boost your mood, especially as the game is played as a team, making it very social with a strong affinity being fostered between teammates.  

Exeter University Lacrosse Club (EULC)

Exeter University Lacrosse Club (EULC) has over 400 members and welcomes both newcomers and those with past experience. Being a large society means that socials are a prominent feature of the weekly agenda. Held every Wednesday, themed nights provide opportunities to meet new people, giving the society a sense of community. On top of this, social matches are held as part of the society’s mixed intermural tournament which takes place throughout the academic year. Upon joining, members are assigned teams for this tournament, providing a less intimidating way into the social side of lacrosse.

Exeter boasts the largest mixed lacrosse club in the country with training session for this part of the society taking place every Thursday evening. The relaxed nature of these sessions mean they are the perfect way for newbies to cultivate the skills required in a game situation. Everyone is really supportive regardless of your level and this is a great way to make friends. There are also opportunities to play mixed lacrosse in friendlies against other unis, allowing you to put your new-found skills to the test!

For more serious lacrosse players, the society has seven BUCS teams, five of which are women’s. This provides members opportunities to represent the university in national fixtures. However, if you prefer playing a more sociable game, there is a women’s beginners’ team which provides the same level of fun without the pressure of competing. It is also another way to learn and develop the necessary skills in weekly training sessions.

The club does a substantial amount of charity work. Movember saw members participate in challenges which were a fun way to raise money as a team. The varsity game held during November also sold tickets and food to fundraise for Movember and was very successful with all Exeter teams winning their matches. Past charity work includes the Men’s 1s playing Exeter Engineers in a rugby match in aid of Endometriosis UK as well as fundraising for Samaritans and Exeter Food Bank. As well as helping out both the local and national community, work like this is great way of building bonds as both a team and a club.

If you think lacrosse could be for you, check out EULC’s Instagram for more details or drop by at a taster session during refreshers.  

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