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Former Disney Star David Henrie Arrested After Bringing Loaded Gun to LAX

Former Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie almost hopped on a plane at LAX with more than just his dream and a cardigan. On Sept. 10, TMZ reported that Henrie was arrested that morning after going through TSA with a loaded pistol.

    Following the discovery, Henrie was arrested and taken to a nearby police station for questioning. He was released a little before 2 pm that day. According to Henrie, his gun, which was reported to be a M&P Shield 9mm pistol, is registered and “totally legal”. In full statement made by Henrie via social media, he apologized for the incident saying “More than anything I am humiliated and embarrassed that this even happened.” He also made sure to thank LAPD and TSA Security for keeping people safe and doing their jobs.

*Image courtesy of TMZ


    In recent times Henrie has spoken about his conservative beliefs. He was even cast as a young Ronald Reagan in  the upcoming biopic Reagan: The Movie which is set to begin filming soon. After he was first cast, Henrie told Fox News that he was excited and his whole family admires Reagan.

    Just a few days before the LAPD incident, Henrie let his social media followers know he is expecting a baby girl with his wife Maria Cahill. He concluded his announcement by saying “That reminds me. Where’s my shotgun. I don’t have a shotgun. Someone get me a shotgun!”

    Henrie is lucky things went as smoothly as they did. Back in August Zainab Merchant, a Harvard grad student was strip searched and forced to show TSA officers her bloody menstrual pad. Merchant was flying from Boston to Washington D.C for a speaking engagement when a TSA officer became suspicious of the extra material that was in her groin area. Officers demanded she show them what’s in her pants or else she would be arrested.

    Incidents like these are a perfect example of how much easier everyday tasks, like going to the airport with a loaded pistol, are when you’re a cisgender white man.


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