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An Eastern Sunset

I've missed this view! Even though the sun sets in the West, the view from the East sure doesn't disappoint. The glimmers of pinks and...

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Dear Frankie Advice Column

Her Campus UNCW has an amazing opportunity for UNCW students this semester. As many of our beloved readers know, Her Campus UNCW is a...

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Spring has sprung for Seahawks!

Warm weather has been coming in waves for UNCW students. But now, with temps steadily in the 60s and 70s, it's no secret that spring has...

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Carles Chàfer, Campus Cutie

Name: Carles Chàfer Year: Senior Hometown: València, España Major: Finance Relationship Status: Single Carles, a native of Spain, is...

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Back-To-School Survival Kit!

This past week, Her Campus UNCW received our Survival Kit in the mail from Her Campus headquarters. It was packed full of goodies from...