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Campus Style: Bailey Carter

Name: Bailey Carter

Major: Public Health, Pre-Clinical Concentration

Hometown: Marion, North Carolina


Her Campus: How would you describe your style? 

Bailey Carter: I have a wide variety of styles. Certain days I wear dresses but other days I throw on vans and an OBEY shirt. I would say I have a hipster/typical white girl style, there is no in between it’s usually one or the other for me. 

HC: What is your go-to outfit?

BC: My go-to outfit would have to be ripped skinny jeans, and an American Eagle tank with a bralette.

HC: If you could go shopping with any celebrity who would it be and why?

BC: Blake Lively. She is my fashion icon, even though I never look like her. She can pull off any type of outfit, from red-carpet glam to average street fashion.

HC: What is one piece of clothing that you would NEVER give up? Why?

BC: My Sherpa pull over!! It is so versatile, I can wear it with leggings or I make it dressier with jeans and booties. Plus, it’s freezing in Marion (near Asheville) and I refuse to look like a frump just because of the weather. Also cardigans… ALL the cardigans!

HC: Is there one thing you consider a HUGE fashion no-no? What is it and why? 

BC: Wearing clothing that does not fit. If it’s too tight I don’t think it’s really called fashion… this mostly applies to leggings. 

HC: What is one fashion tip you would give to people who live at the beach? 

BC: Less is more because it’s insanely HOT!

HC: What are your favorite stores?

BC: American Eagle, I feel like that’s lame but their Soft and Sexy shirts are to die for and I love their jeans. I don’t think I buy jeans from anywhere else. 


[Photo courtesy to Alicia Cox]

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