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heart break paper
Her Campus at MSU I’m Not Okay

I’d be okay If you broke up with me Cuz you didn’t like me anymore Or cuz you had to move Or cuz you got sick of me Or...

A hand reflected in the mirror
Her Campus at UFL I Miss Her

Her heart has turned to stone and her blood starts to boil when she looks in the eyes of those who’ve betrayed her once loyal heart and she’s no...

Pink neon love sign
Her Campus at GCU A Heartbroken Generation

In a generation that is so obsessed with love, it is astonishing how little we seem to actually understand the concept of love. This is because it is NOT...

girl laying in bed feeling stressed out
Her Campus at UPR Falling Out of Love

Movies have always shown how people fall in love. Boy meets girl, maybe even another boy and suddenly a love triangle emerges. Boy has to choose between the girl...

sad and alone girl breakup
Her Campus at Kutztown Dust off

Allow your heart to untie itself from the wicked webs you have been weaving You were such a fool for going your entire life believing That you could never...