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Campus Cutie: Nicole Pritchard

Hawkeyes, you’re all in for a treat as we feature Nicole Pritchard as this week’s campus cutie! Sometimes more comfortable in sweatpants...

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Amanda Hoffman- Marketing Maverick

There are some people who are destined to do great things, not because of luck as most people like to say, but genuinely due to sheer drive...

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The Busy Business Bee- Ali Ojikutu

Going away to college and starting anew is undoubtedly an overwhelming time for most college freshmen. Getting involved seems to be the...

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Comedian Ethan Simmons-Patterson

Iowa City has many night attractions as I am sure many of you know. One such attraction involves the numerous businesses downtown. Certain...

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Lauren Wallace: Creative Spirit

Lauren Wallace started making her own bracelets when she was in 5th grade. By 7th grade she realized her talents could make her some money...

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Tony Ho Tran

Campus Celebrity: Tony Ho Tran Finding your niche in college is not always easy. Once you do find somewhere you know you fit it, though, it...