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Amanda Hoffman- Marketing Maverick

There are some people who are destined to do great things, not because of luck as most people like to say, but genuinely due to sheer drive and dedication. This week’s campus celebrity is on her way to greatness, she has been on marketing teams for three different organizations, while interning and working an additional job and still on track to graduating a semester early (I know super busy, right). Take a deep breath and read about this phenomenal collegiette.

Busy does not even began to define the everyday life of Amanda Hoffman. She is a Journalism/ Mass Communications major with a double minor in sociology and gender studies here at UIowa (yes we know that’s a mouth full).  That’s not all, our favorite thing about Amanda is that she is one of our own. She is the Public Relations Director for Her Campus UIowa, where she put together our fabulous Fashion Night Out event as well as contributed several piece of writing to our site. Amanda has been a member of our team for over a year and has help groom the magazine to where it is today.

 That is still not all though, Amanda is also a pivotal member of the Marketing team for River Run, one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year, as well as Ed on Campus which is an organization that helps catapult students into their dream career in the publishing industry. To top that off, she still has time left to work a job at the IMU box office and volunteer with Dance Marathon.

You would think a girl with all this on her plate, would have no time left in her day, but Amanda has an undeniable sense of commitment that is quite admiral. This carries over into everything she does which is partly the reason that she is on track to graduating early (as well as just being awesome).

Although Amanda has an extremely demanding schedule, she still has time to hang out around Iowa City, her favorite place is Short’s where she says they have an “amazing bloody Mary's and burgers and fries. I love it all.”

So when you are procrastinating during these last few days of school think about Amanda and get inspired!


Full time English/Studio Arts major, Full-time visionary. Native Chicagoan and a true city girl. In love with love and a frequent contributing writer for the HC-UIowa Modern Love column(however not frequent enough). Current endeavor?  Proud Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UIowa, I am progressively expanding the chapter's reach through creative, fun, and informative content with a unique publication voice. I also have published content for diffrent on-line and print media. I love everything HC, but when I am not writing, editing, or publishing I am trying out the latest health trends in fitness and food, hanging out with friends, or fueling a bad habit of on-line shopping. Future endeavor? Editor-in Chief of a magazine something like Glamour, Cosmo, or Self. Want to keep up with me? Follow me on Twitter @EllandreaM
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