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Yiming Qin- Photography Dilettante, Top Model, Graphic Designer, and the List Goes on

When you have a creative spirit like this campus celebrity you put it to use. Believe it or not you have seen creative works from this collegiette all over our campus. A graphic designer (and model) for UIowa’s highly anticipated multicultural fashion show Walk it Out and a budding photographer, this girl is definitely on the move. The motto she lives by is a quote from Ernest Hemingway  that states “there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” This collegiette is committed to pursuing her interest and satisfying her curiosity, read her story. 

Yiming Qin loves photography, it has become a passion for her. You can see lovely fashion focused imagery gracing her facebook page. In fact, Her Campus- UIowa first met Yiming while looking for a photographer to do our staff photo shoot, but that when we discovered the versatility of this collegiette.  Few people study and live their academic interest at the same time, but Yiming’s photography interest complements her major in graphic design. She fuses these interests by creating remarkable imagery as well as advertisements for multiple organizations.

One of these organizations is Walk it Out, where Yiming serves on the executive board as a graphic designer. Yiming informed us that Walk it Out is not all about the beauty and the fashion for one night, but is an organization focused on cultural awareness and philanthropy. She described Walk it Out as simply being a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet and work with a lot of people. Do not let this modest collegiette fool you though, she will be ripping the runway next week. All of the hard work throughout the year will be on display on April 13 in the IMU Main Ballroom. She is excited for her third year on stage, and to once again deliver the message of diversity.

 Yiming’s interest in cultural awareness also fueled her membership in the Asian American Coalition. She enjoys how all of the multi-cultural organization collaborates to promote diversity on our campus.

Although Yiming seems to spend most of her time dreaming up her next endeavor, she still spends time being a UIowa college girl. Some of her favorite places to hit up in Iowa City are Panchero’s and Yotopia. 

Yiming is truly a young visionary with a plan and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


*You will be seeing how Yiming worked her photographic magic on the Her Campus-UIowa team soon, stay tuned!


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