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Her Campus at GCU It’s Fall, Y’all

It is already October, so you know what that means! It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and good books. Fall is by far the...

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Cows of War; Harvest

Alyssa Coia played Harvest in Hunter College's rendition of Cows of War. We caught up with her and asked her a couple questions. After...

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It’s feeling like Fall y’all!

Guys, I am seriously so excited! September 22 marks the beginning of Fall, also known as my favorite season of the year. There is just...

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Autumn Outfit Inspo for PSL lovers!

Pumpkins, and Flannels, and Football, Oh My! As fall weather approaches Buffalo, we must prepare for every autumn activity ahead. Whether...

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Fall has Finally Arrived

Fall has been slowly tiptoeing its way through Eugene this October. One can see it in the changing of the leaves throughout campus, by the...

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The Forge

My favorite spot at SCU isn’t even on campus. It’s the Forge Garden, located across the street from Lucas Hall. The Forge is an organic...