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Autumn Outfit Inspo for PSL lovers!

Pumpkins, and Flannels, and Football, Oh My! As fall weather approaches Buffalo, we must prepare for every autumn activity ahead. Whether its football games with friends, or a first date at an apple farm, these outfit inspo’s will definitely compliment your pumpkin spice lattes…

Apple/Pumpkin picking:

Even though it’s September, Buffalo is experiencing some abnormally hot weather (lol @Trump, I wonder why that is??) so heres a great way to dress cute for the season, and comfortably for the temperature. A cute tank top dress or skirt will do, probably some type of A-line or flare will fit right in with the whole fall relaxed vibe. White, tan, caramel, red, forest green, basically any color you would see in nature compliments your surroundings at the cute little local farm you and your friends picked out. Then match it with a cozy plaid flannel for warmer weather or a cable-knit sweater, and when it gets too hot, wrap the sleeves around your waist! Looks like those years of parents making you wrap sweatshirts around your waist at amusement parks or on vacation when they didn’t want to carry it came in handy (yes mom I know your reading this, and whatever i guess you were right!). Any type of flat boots or sneakers that cover your feet will keep them clean from the dirt and add extra fall flare~~~

Football Games

Trying to wear an awesome DIY UB T-shirt but also missing those autumn accessories? Pile on a flannel, jeans (maybe jean cutoffs for those sunny days), college sweatshirt, and an adorable pair of sunglasses. Layers are the way to go for fall because you never know how bipolar the weather can be! Maybe even a DIY hair bow will spark some OOTD jealously.

Haunted House/Drive-in/Night time activities

While you’re running away from those demonized screams in a haunted house, or chilling at a park watching movies with your friends, comfort is key. Warm leggings, fuzzy ugg boots, oversized sweater, and an infinity scarf will put you at ease. Yes, yells of “BASIC” has the potential to be taunted at you, but hey, there’s a reason everyone wheres this outfit. It’s the warmest/most charming ensemble for the fall ESPECIALLY paired with a chic PSL. Wear it proudly girls.

Let your Fall Freak Flag fly because there’s a time for pumpkins and that time is now!

Gina Marie is a third year Communication major at University at Buffalo. From Long Island, NY, the Hampton beaches and perfect pizza parlours are where she's most comfortable. While not working on Her Campus articles, Gina spends her days working with the Buffalo Pink Campus Team and works as a stylist for Vanilla Sky Boutique at home. She's looking forward to traveling and life ahead of college, so keep an eye out for blogs on fashion, food, and more! Instagram: ginamarieciappina Twitter: @ginaciappina
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