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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

As October comes to close and November approaches, take these 10 tips to heart, so that way you can have the best family-filled month of this fall season!

1) Have a campfire

Before the temperatures drop, get some friends together and have one last night around the campfire bonding and laughing. Then, when you’re all too tired to even move a muscle, just look up at the stars and watch as the sparks and smoke float up into the midnight sky. 

2) Try Starbucks’ Pumpkin Chai 

While Starbucks may not advertise that they have pumpkin chai, they definitely have chai and they definitely have pumpkin flavoring around this time of year. This hot drink is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold morning and give you the best fall vibes. If you want to spice things up a bit, order it with milk instead of water for that perfectly creamy taste!

3) Make a new (fall) playlist

And of course, it is that time of year to make a new playlist. Or find those old ones from last year. Add the fun Christmas music, the cheerful family tunes, and last by not least: “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran. 

4) Go to a farmer’s market 

This is a must. Everywhere you look, there is orange, orange, and more orange. It’s all beautiful, from the baked goods, to the fresh produce, and to the smiling faces of everyone you see. So do yourself a favor and go check out the nearest farmer’s market some Saturday afternoon. Also, don’t forget that most markets switch to a Christmas/winter theme around the end of November, so it’s worth going again at the end of the month to get your pre-Christmas fix. 

5) Buy a new sweater

Why not? It’s one thing to call this lovely weather “sweater weather,” but it has an entirely different meaning if you actually go out and buy a cute, warm sweater to add to your collection. Browse the racks of dark red, mustard yellow, and burnt orange to find your new fall favorite. 

6) Read a book

In my opinion, there is nothing more relaxing than curling up next to a fire place with your favorite book in hand. Light a cinnamon spice candle, grab the fluffiest blanket you can find, and get lost in the story that awaits you.

7) Count your blessings

The month of November is the month that most of us are reminded of what we have. Take some time to reflect and thank God for literally everything you have. Thank your family and friends for being amazing, and say thank you to the grocery-store clerk the next time you see them. Just be thankful.

8) Eat too much on Thanksgiving 

This is going to happen, regardless of if we try to watch what we eat. From the snacking, to the turkey, to the mouth-watering pumpkin pie, we are all going to eat too much. Let’s just accept this early and get excited for it! Even though our stomachs will feel full, our hearts will be overflowing with joy. 

9) Decorate for Christmas

Finally! For some of you, I know you’ve been waiting all year for this moment. Well, its finally here. Bond as a family and decorate your house with the season’s favorite colors of red, green, silver, and gold. Don’t forget to wear your fuzzy socks and drink hot chocolate!

10) Marvel at God’s beauty 

Last, but most importantly, marvel at your surroundings. Everything around you was designed by God, and it truly is a beautiful sight. The falling leaves, the first snowfall, the rosy cheeks and cold noses, and the Christmas lights glowing around town all create this picture-perfect scene right in front of our very eyes. So marvel at it. And thank God for this beautiful world.

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