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It is already October, so you know what that means! It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and good books. Fall is by far the best season of the year, and here are the top 15 things to do during fall in Arizona. You can do these with roommates, significant others, or even by yourself! With all these possibilites, you are definitely prepared to take on the best season yet. 

1. The first one is baking! Now some of you are already thinking this is going to be a boring old list of things that you’ve already thought of, but this is not the case! Let’s dive right right in with a recipe for classic oatmeal cookies: https://www.chelseasmessyapron.com/oatmeal-cookies/


2. Fear farm (which I have never done)is a great option for those of us love scary things! And let’s be honest, the scary stuff is what we crave the most during Halloween time.  www.fearfarm.com


3. The fall festival is also a cute place to take pictures and step up your instagram game.  www.localfirstaz.com/events/arizona-fall-festival-nskbg


4. A scary movie marathon is so easy yet brings so much fun, especially with all your roommates and friends! Grab some snacks, cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, and prepared to be spooked by this list of Halloween movies. http://www.foxforcefivenews.com/the-ultimate-october-halloween-movie-marathon-list-31-films-to-watch-this-month/


5. Reading a good book on a lazy Sunday is the best! Some of my personal faves are “Forever my Girl”, “Girl Last Seen”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Me Before You”, and “Beautiful Disaster”.


6. A self-care day is also super important to integrate into your daily routine. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put on a nose strip, shave, and exfoliate. It’s so crucial to have a relaxing day for yourself every now and then. 

7. Pumpkin Patches are honestly the best for so many reasons! Not only are they super cute and Instagrammable, but you can pick pumpkins to carve or nake something with a pumpkin you take home.   http://www.tolmachoff-farms.com


8. Football games are so much fun with a group of your friends. Cheering on your favorite team, getting excited with the whole crowd, and the fun ride there jamming out to your favorite playlists can make for a fun day. 


9. Apple picking by far is underrated, and if you’ve never done it before you need to go ASAP. Picking the best apples to make apple pie or other autumn recipes is such a rewarding feeling. Apple picking is even just a fun event to get you out of the dorm and outside.


10. Hiking is easy, free most of the time, and eliminates some of our daily screen time (which is much needed). 


11. Having a cute little picnic can be so fun and a nice bonding acticity for you and your friends. You can even pick a spot on GCU campus or a park somewhere nearby. 


12. Have a photo shoot anywhere! Bonus points if you can go somewhere with fall colors like at a park! Other great photo ops couls be while apple picking, at a pumpkin patch, or anywhere else fall themed. 


13. Bonfires are kinda hard to do but if it is possible definitely go it. Making smore’s, singing around a fire, and telling stories all are great ways to get closer to your friends or significant others. 


14. Make Halloween costumes with your best friends! This is especially great if you know how to sew! Or, if you want make it fast and easy, just go to a Goodwill and make it into a challenge to see who can find the best costume in the shortest amount of time! If you want to made it harder, see who can make the most costumes for the cheapest price. 


15. Escape rooms are amazing for team bonding, getting to know your roommates better, getting closer to your group of friends, or if you just wanna hang out with your significant other. Here are two that have great reviews and are pretty challenging as well as just a little scary!

https://worldofescapes.com/phoenix/quests/cluemaster-escape-rooms-creature-of-the-year     https://worldofescapes.com/phoenix/quests/escape-chandler-the-cabin  


Brenna is originally from southern California right smack in the middle of LA and San Diego. She is a biology major with a minor in psychology. She is a freshman and is super excited to see what God has in plan for her for the future. One of her biggest goals for the future is to try everything that she is scared of at least once.
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