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Newly Graduated People Wearing Black Academy Gowns Throwing Hats Up in the Air
Meet IUP Student: Amelia Atkins

Meet Amelia Atkins! A 3 year Deans List Student majoring in Communications Media with a minor in Journalism. I got to sit down with Amelia...

woman reading a book at a table
Freshman Nursing Major: Hailey Koch

Meet freshman Nursing Major: Hailey Koch Hailey Koch is a second semester freshman Nursing major with a minor in Biomedical Medicine at...

woman covering her face with white book
The Harker ISE Lab

I’ve been given the privilege of walking to the 4 th floor of ISE for my 8ams everyday. In just 2 weeks, I’ve learned to use the elevator...

group of people setting up campfire
Your Food Order Just Got Healthier

With February coming to a close, you may have started to notice the results of your hibernation making an impact on your bikini bod...

Snapshot: Bundle Up

Bundle up and enjoy the Cinnamon Winter Blend from Einstein's on this chilly day, Lasers!