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Freshman Nursing Major: Hailey Koch

Meet freshman Nursing Major: Hailey Koch 

Hailey Koch is a second semester freshman Nursing major with a minor in Biomedical Medicine at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

She is a spring 2017 initiate of the National Honors Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi chapter Beta Theta. “I have really enjoyed getting to know new people and meeting people who have the same goals and hobbies as I do. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the process.” Along with Phi Sigma Pi, Hailey is looking to get more involved with the activities here at IUP such as the club Tennis team.

Picture taken by Hailey of the Oak Grove

Her favorite places to go on campus include the Oak Grove because of its beauty and ability to make the surrounding town and buildings disappear. A go to eatery for this busy Nursing major is Einstein’s Bagels located in the HUB because of its quick convenience. Her signature order is a vanilla iced coffee and a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. When getting off campus for the afternoon, she enjoys traveling to Buttermilk Falls, a local water fall near Indiana. 

Hailey at Buttermilk Falls near Indiana

One of the things she enjoys about being a freshman here at IUP is living in the dorms. She likes the ability to be close to campus, be able to set her own thermostat and the independence of living on your own while still having people all around. As many of us can attest, living in the dorms allows you to become really good at making microwave mac and cheese. Well, Hailey has her own twist on this classic dorm twist which she calls “Mac and Ramen.” “I take the ramen noodles and cook them and then instead of adding the ramen flavoring I add the instant mac cheese.”

It is no secret that freshman year can hold some of the best and worst times of a young person’s life. To get through the tough days, Hailey enjoys jamming out to Ed Sheeran. When asked what song, she wittily responded, “From which album? But really, “Perfect” is probably my current favorite.”

With the rest of her time here at IUP, Hailey is looking forward to furthering her Nursing career, meeting new people and giving back to the school as an active student.

Cats and Caffeine are key.
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