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Tomatoes, Carrots And Radish On The Top Of The Table
Lotsa Review

All you pizza-lovers better stop by Lotsa if you haven’t yet and grab yourself your own signature pizza! Located on Court Street, this...

Person Wearing Brown Timberland Work Boots
Beautiful Court Street

The weather outside is fright(fully warm), but at least the leaves are still pretty on Court Street! (Photo courtesy of Mallory Golski)

The ABCs of OU

So many words can describe our hOUme, but here are some that we all know and love! A – Athens OU is located in the beautiful, cozy town of...

woman going through clothes at thrift store
Things to Do During OU’s Sibs Weekend

Who’s pumped to see his or her family in only one week? Everyone should be, but are you worried about what to do when they come down? If it...

clock-wise: lime, kiwi, lemon, apple
A Love Letter to GoodFella’s Pizza

Dear beautiful slice, I’m really glad you were there for me last night! A lot happened, and I don’t exactly remember everything, but you do...

Trick or Treat on Court Street

With Halloween right around the corner, young trick or treaters walked up and down the bricks collecting candy from businesses on Court...

Chase Hardman

Name: Chase Hardman Age: 18 Year: Freshman Relationship Status: In a relationship Hometown: Coolville, OH Major: Political Science Hobbies...