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Things to Do During OU’s Sibs Weekend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.
Who’s pumped to see his or her family in only one week? Everyone should be, but are you worried about what to do when they come down? If it’s their first visit to OU, here are some fun ideas to check out.
First thing I would recommend is going to Ping Center.  Even though it may get old for Athens residents, little kids and even teens are in awe of the rock climbing wall and would love to crush their older brothers and sisters in a game of tennis. Plus, the group fitness classes are really fun to try. 
Another thing to do is to check out one of the Athens finest restaurants. A few great options are Union Street Diner or Gran Ranchero on East State Street. They are classics and so delicious. Another option when it comes to food is ordering pizza from Avalanche and cookies from Insomnia, and spending the night binge-watching TV shows.  
Photo courtesy: Court Street Stories
T-Pain is another option for a fun time to spend jamming out with your brothers and sisters. But, be careful, because tickets go fast. If they are sold out, Court Street has more than just bars. There are two bookstores with tons of clothes and Ohio University apparel. In College Bookstore, there’s also a 
Greek Store for the little legacy. There are also some really cute clothing stores for some shopping. 
There are also some cool off-campus options for those with a car. Ohio University is right by Strouds Run State Park. There is hiking, swimming (if it’s warm enough), and an obligatory campfire. If hiking isn’t an option, there is a farmer’s market with fresh produce and cheese. It beats dining hall food, and would definitely be an adventure. 
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If not, Athens offers two movie theaters. One is a theater for newly released movies or check out the independently-owned Athens Cinema, which plays some amazing movies that are sometimes unheard of.  
Most importantly, have fun. How often do you get to see your siblings?
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