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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

So many words can describe our hOUme, but here are some that we all know and love!

A – Athens

OU is located in the beautiful, cozy town of Athens, Ohio. Athens will always be in our hearts, and we won’t hesitate visiting once we graduate!

B – Bobcats

Our school is full of pride, and that includes being a part of the Bobcat community! Being a Bobcat gives you friendships and opportunities of a lifetime.

C – Court Street

This half-mile strip is filled with local foods, cute coffee shops, and of course, over a dozen bars. Court Street holds the vibrant, social life of OU!

Guest appearance by Pumpkin the Cat.

D – Dorms

Oh, the dorms. Broken A/C, community showers and constant sickness won’t be remembered when you compare it to the amazing friends, late night pizza orders and crazy experiences they held.

E – East State Street

Venturing off campus most likely means a trip to Walmart, the Athena Grand or Gran Ranchero, all located on this commercial street of Athens.

F – Fest

#Fest, Santa Fest, Freeze Fest, fest season and many other creative fests make OU one-of-a-kind. Bundling up for the cold or stripping down in the mud – we do it all and are damn proud of it.

G – Greens

East, West, North, South and College – using these will allow any OU student to recognize where you are. They each have their own stigma, and students tend to fight for their favorite.

H – HallOUween

The population of Athens doubles on this day full of costumes, concerts and craziness. We’ve been noticed as the third largest block party in the U.S., following Times Squares on NYE and Mardi Gras.

I – International

Here at OU, we host over 1,800 international students while completing their education. We also give the opportunity to study abroad in over a dozen countries!

J – Jeff Hill

Are you out of breath yet? Walking up Jeff Hill can make you feel like you’re dying, but it’ll sure lead to killer legs!

K – Kissing Circle

The Kissing Circle is a tradition that has two sides: if you pass someone in the circle at the same time, you have to kiss, and if you kiss someone in the circle, you’ll spend the rest of your life with them. How romantic!

Photo: hmbd.org

L – Learning Communities

Our Learning Community program is a wonderful step that freshmen take to transition into OU and Athens. They teach the basics of campus and help acclimate students for their next four years at the best college ever.

M – Marching 110

The most exciting band in the land – the Marching 110 is why we truly go to football games! These eccentric, musically talented students create a fun atmosphere for themselves and fans of all ages!

N – Network

Bobcats love other Bobcats, so get connected with alumni and register on Bobcat Career Link! You never know what is waiting for you!

O – Organizations

With over 400 student organizations on campus, you’re sure to find your niche. Many students are involved in several, ranging from academic to Greek life to common interests clubs.

P – Parking Services

One of the most hated departments on campus is Parking Services. If you’re like me, you’ve had at least one run-in with a $30 ticket on your windshield or an expensive parking pass. (Tip: You can get your first ticket waived.)

Q – Qualified

OU produces thousands of qualified graduates each year that are ready to take on the professional world as a Bobcat. Our awards for various colleges show how incredible the university is and what we can do!

R – Ridges

This old insane asylum is one of the main reasons we’re titled the most haunted campus in the U.S. It is now housed by the Kennedy Art Museum, but many still venture to it for good ol’ fashioned stories and spooks.

 Photo: forgottenoh.com

S – Squirrels

Being in Ohio, we have an overabundance of squirrels, and recently they have been featured on the Ohio Snapstory doing cute, silly or just plain squirrel things. We have even seen them become pets!

T – Tradition

Our traditions are truly the best (okay, maybe we’re biased) but the Homecoming Parade, walking through College Gate after Convocation, and never stepping on the seal are things we hold dear to our hearts!

U – Uptown

No, it’s not downtown, and you’re sure to make visitors known of that. Typically, saying you’re going Uptown means you’re going out for a night of fun or maybe just a burrito with friends.

V – Vintage

We have our own little vintage shops like Athens Underground that specialize in selling items from past decades, such as records, glassware and ugly Christmas sweaters!

W – Winter

Located in Southeast Ohio, OU suffers from winter – that dreadful time of year when no one wants to leave bed and motivation is lost. Fortunately, Athens is as beautiful as ever with the fluffy stuff, and cold weather means bundling up with blankets and hot chocolate!

X – Xenodochy

This abstract word means, “extending of hospitality to strangers or foreigners,” (thefreedictionary.com) and we do! We house those who come to participate in HallOUween, fest season and special weekend events. (Sorry, but no one from Miami, please.)

Y – Yuengling

You thought I forgot to mention beer, right? Wrong. Yuengling, Bud, Coors, and plenty more make their way into our party scene, whether it’s free at a house or 50 cent draft night at Pawpurr’s, we love our brews.

 Photo: beerinfo.com

Z – Zip code

The zip code 45701 becomes our hOUme over 4 (or 5) years, and we don’t regret any second of it. 

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