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How to Handle FOMO at OU

It’s that time of the semester … midterms. Yep. You are drowning in homework and studying for multiple classes and multiple exams. The worst part of it all is that your roommate just so happened to have all of her midterms the week before, so all week her biggest worry has been what to wear out Friday and Saturday night. You, on the other hand, have a whole lot more on your plate. The biggest struggle is pulling your hair out trying to study for your upcoming philosophy exam.

Here are some easy ways to help you deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) here at OU!


Photo from Ohio.edu


1. Go to Alden Library

From the Starbucks café on the bottom floor, to the six accompanying floors providing both silence and a perfect atmosphere to get some studying and relaxing done, this is the place to go! Appreciate your surroundings in a time like this. Get down to business, but still take in the wonderful accommodations OU has to offer.


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2. Chill at Front Room

I don’t know about any of you, but the Front Room Coffeehouse located at the top of Baker ALWAYS brings me a sense of belonging and peace. Not only is Starbucks coffee served here, but pastries ranging from muffins to croissants are also available. Get all cozy and situated, start your homework and take in the wonderful atmosphere Front Room has to offer. If you get lucky, you might actually be serenaded by a fellow student playing the piano.


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3. Take a stroll around campus (& check out Strouds!)

Especially if it’s a nice day and you just need a little break from the studying (but not a big enough break to go out uptown with your friends), OU’s beautiful campus is always here for you! Take a walk around campus, but don’t forget to check out Strouds, a park located @ 11661 State Park Road.

Photo from Campus Compared

4. And last but not least, check out any of the options Court Street has to offer! (besides the bars, ladies!)

Court Street has many things to offer, whether it be your favorite fast food restaurants ranging from Chipotle to Subway to Wendy’s, or the cute little boutiques (such as Figleaf and The Other Place), or even just your average-yet-adorable coffee shop (like Whit’s or Court Street Coffee), there are many places to check out on Court Street that actually don’t serve alcohol. There are some wonderful places to take a quick break from school work and have a little fun.


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