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Creative Christmas Gift DIY’s

With Christmas right around the corner and our midterms haunting every waking moment before then, finding time to shop for friends and...

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Choker Review

Is it a bit odd that something like a piece of jewelry helped me have a great night?

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9 Ways To Wear A Choker

Just when you thought chokers were a thing of the past, they come back as strong as ever. We are starting to see chokers being paired with...

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Campus Style: Pretty in Plaid

With Halloween just around the corner, black is back and the “witchy woman” look is more popular than ever. Who better to represent this...

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Make a Comeback: The Choker

Among the various trends that has risen from the 90s, the choker has been one of my favorite. This accessory comes in the form of strings,...

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Campus Style: Girl of Rock

Walking back from a hearty Krishna lunch out on the Plaza of the Americas (spaghetti Wednesday = flashing heart emoji sign), I catch a...

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How to be Trendy this Fall

Putting away your summer clothes is never easy, but fall is the best time of year for fashion because you can layer endlessly. Some of my...