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4 New(ish) Albums You Should Listen to This Semester

A new college semester; a fresh start. Whether your summer fling just ended, you started one in the final month, you’ve changed your perspective on life, or even began a different major, the beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to restart your seasonal playlist. Here are my suggestions of some 2018 albums to check out for your new semester music.

1. Jorja Smith – Lost & Found

My fave track: “On Your Own”

This sultry, smooth album is relaxing, beautiful, and perfect to study (or cry) to. The whole album truly evokes the feeling of a rainy afternoon, laying in bed with someone, and slowly realizing you’re in love with them. Described by Spotify as “an English R&B singer/songwriter,” Jorja Smith is an artist to watch, and Lost & Found is the perfect peaceful album.

2. Saweetie – High Maintenance

My fave track: “ICY GRL”

High Maintenance is the heavy-hitting female rap album I’ve been waiting for. Saweetie’s lines are clever, funny, and the beats on this album never disappoint. This album, and especially “ICY GRL” are perfect for driving in the car with your friends, screaming along to the lyrics and turning up the stereo as loud as it will go.

3. Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer

My fave track: “Make Me Feel”

We all know that Janelle Monáe is the queer icon of 2018, but she’s been putting out incredible songs since 2010 with “Tightrope,” and Dirty Computer is no exception. The album is an electronic, funky collection of hip-hop art. Janelle Monáe is a theatrical, musical entertainer who creates visual, aural, and sensory experiences. Dirty Computer is the perfect dorm room party album, or something to listen to when you’re looking to feel creatively energized.

4. Choker – Honeybloom

My fave track: “Juno”

This album gives me very strong Frank Ocean vibes, but with more of an at-home feel. Another electronic album, but with a smooth, mysterious, almost underwater quality. This is Choker’s second album, after his self-produced Peak. This is perfect for any late night insomnia you feel, or when you’re walking around campus with nowhere to be. It’s dreamy, self-reflective, and emotional.

No matter what you tend to listen to, 2018 has brought out some incredible albums. We all love to listen to our classic throwback songs, but every now and then we want to revamp our playlists, and these albums are the perfect works to revive your Spotify (or Apple Music, if you’re into that). From newly discovered to on their way up to long-standing legends, these albums are varied in origin and content, and they each deserve a listen. 

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Ailish Harris is a Stage Management and Performing Arts Design transfer student at the University of Utah. She's originally from Salt Lake City, UT, but was lucky enough to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA for her first 3 semesters of college. She has written for both Her Campus Emerson and Her Campus Utah, and is the current Editor in Chief for Her Campus Utah! She is a student leader in many capacities, working as the Secretary for Stage Managers at the U and as the Historian for the Department of Theatre's Student Advisory Committee. She loves Halloween, cooking, theatre, documentaries, organization, fashion, her pet hedgehog Chester, true crime, and Her Campus!
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